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Welcome !

Good Morning to all those sleeping throughout the world.  I am still waiting up for Paul, late night at the office in Costa Rica, but perfect chance for me to learn how to blog!
I wanted to give my kids a forum to share their thoughts and feelings about this adventure we are having for the next 22 days.  But I also wanted to start a blog of my own, for quite some time, but just never had the reason/motivation to learn how.
Well, I GOT THAT MOTIVATION and here I am, for all the world to see.  Hello World!
I hope that you will enjoy this blog.  I want to fill it with things that inspire and uplift.
 Yummy, real food recipes and pictures that not just your kids will want to eat
but most importantly you.
 Fun hairstyles that, if Wendi can do it – then so can I!
And of course, honesty in parenting and living the best life we can live by.

I hope you will stick around, give me a chance and also help me create this blog to be something worth reading.  I love this world and I only want to help it SEE how wonderful it is.  Because sometimes, the world forgets.

Sorry folks, I have been trying to post this since the first day.  The Costa Rican Internet has not been my friend on my laptop.  I posted last night from my phone.  But I wanted to get this out there!  So, pretend this is the 1st post, okay!

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