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New foods the Kids love! – Whitti Wendi
Costa Rica,  Wendi's Daily Blog

New foods the Kids love!

It is amazing to me that children can learn to eat new and different looking foods.  As I came down the stairs this morning (after sleeping in until 8:30, kids up at 7:00), I saw my youngest doing this . . .

“Mom, Mom, Mom . . . can I have one of these . . . “


What is this furry ball that looks like it belongs in The Lorax movie?  It is a rambutan.  Look it up, its facinating, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambutan.  It has this jelly like fruit on the inside wrapped around a seed the shape of an almond.  To get to the fruit, you break/crack the shell open and the fruit looks like this . . . 

Once the white fruit is out, you pop it into your mouth and eat it like a cherry.  The seed doesn’t come clean like a cherry pit but you get as much fruit off of it as you can.  They are enjoyable to eat!  Wish I could bring some home for you to try!

Cute kids.  I am proud of them for trying new things and for also putting up with this trip we are on.

Day 7:  We had nothing planned today but to go to Walmart again, this time for Paul’s CEO.  He is coming into town with his kids and he asked Paul to pick up a few things for the family, since they are getting in so late.  I completely agree!  Our land-lady did it for us and it was a HUGE HELP!

So, I offered to do it instead, due to Paul’s leg and took the kids on their 5th shopping trip.  Poor kids.  After the trip, we did stop by Paul’s new office to drop off the groceries.  The kids had a BLAST!  They ate lunch at the office cafeteria and then played a few games of “hide and goose” (that is what L called Hide and Seek) in the very spacious, empty office.  The office set up but there aren’t any employees there yet, so it was a great first moment for the kids.  Every chair they sat in, they would ask, “Dad, has anyone sat in THIS chair yet?  No?  Then I am the first one!”  That was cute!  It made both Paul and I smile.  You don’t realize the impact this trip is having on them until they make little comments like these ones.  This trip must be a real “trip” for them!  I hope this becomes a great memory for them in their lives.

After they had fun at the office, I brought them home to relax and this is what they did . . . 

Watch t.v.  I am so sick of the t.v. sometimes but then it is such a stress re-leaser.  But this didn’t last long.  The next thing I know, whiling I am trying to blog, is I am being asked to go . . . SWIMMING!
Of course I had to say YES!  Because you never know how many good days you will get to go swimming here.  They had a good day after all!
Love from Costa Rica!  P, W, E,K, G, L

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