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“Cheer up Wendi, it will be okay!”

I didn’t sleep well last night, migraine, yuck.  I had only got 4 hours of sleep when I heard my kids outside the house.  WHAT?!?  I ran down the stairs to the smell of SMOKE!  WHAT IS GOING ON?  Poor E had put some pancakes, wrapped in a paper towel, in the microwave to heat up.  He put it in for too long and the microwave actually burned the paper towel.  Well, no harm, no fowl.  Right?

Until I walked by K’s room.  You can’t see it at first.
Until I get a bit closer.  Her window is WIDE OPEN with no screen inside it.
My heart almost jumped out of my chest when I imagined what could have happened to my littlest two, had they been at all curious to look out this window and it’s three story drop to concrete stairs.  YIKES!
Well, I couldn’t let the thoughts of what could have happen ruin my day, but I just didn’t feel like being here today, in Costa Rica.  I was sick of being alone, away from friends and family, and I was tired of trying to find something to do before the storms came.  It wasn’t my best morning.  But after an hour phone call with my “sister” Kori in Texas, my mom, several chats with sweet friends in Utah and my cousin in California, I got the guts to go out of the house today.  (It takes a lot to motivate stubborn Wendi.)
First I started dinner, BBQ Pork Costa Rican style.  Wish us luck that the kids will actually eat it.  I had it last November, I think, after our adventure to La Paz.  I have craved that meal ever since and thought I would give it a try today. 
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You make the BBQ Pork with this sauce, cilantro, garlic, salt & pepper.  Sounds yummy, right?
After making dinner, I hopped into the shower, got ready in a flash and took the kids for lunch to Wendy’s.  I was so scared to order lunch for us.  Last November I ordered way too much food and we didn’t eat it all.  I hate to waste anything, so I asked a woman in line (that looked gringo/american) if she spoke English.  She said yes!  I asked if she spoke Spanish, she said No!  Oh well.  She was with a co-worker and he didn’t speak it that well either.  So, I was left to my own devices.  The sweet cashier was patient with me and didn’t come off as irritated or bothered.  I DID IT!  I ordered food for my family, we got enough to eat and I didn’t leave feeling stupid. 
After lunch, it looked like a storm was coming, so we changed our plans to go to the zoo.  We decided to go back to the Children’s Museum.  It worked out to be a great idea.  I only wanted to be gone a few hours and this was a great distraction to what could have been a boring day at home.

E mastered the giant bubbles!
His longest bubble to date!
K picked up a Lobster to bring home to her Grandma C.
And L found out what it felt like to be a sugar bug on a tooth.  K loved brushing her off the tooth!
 We also had a BLAST with some mirrors.  Check the videos below to see what each of the kids did.
 G having some fun.
 K taking flight.
 L climbing somewhere.
 E is really good at this now.
I looked down at the time and 2 hours had flown by.  I felt bad we had to go but the traffic would have been miserable.  It would have made a good day not so great.  But now we are home and I am ready to take a much needed rest until dinner is ready (Paul has to work late tonight).
In the end, today turned out to be a great day. Not because we had any amazing adventures or because we met any amazing new people.  Today was great because I was down and reached out to my friends/family to help lift me up.  I just didn’t have the strength in me to do it on my own today.  I want to thank ALL OF YOU for your supporting words of comfort, kindness and encouragement.  Because of YOU, I made it through today!  Thank You!  
All my love ~ Wendi


  • Eileen

    I miss you guys so much! We need to get together when you get back. Love you guys! Glad it turned out to be a good day! And glad your family and friends were there to lift you up 🙂

  • Wendi

    Eileen, you were definitely one of the people who helped me today. I needed that boost more than you will ever know. We would LOVE to get together when we return. The girls will be so excited to play with your girls. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wrote a long comment and it didn’t publish. Go figure. Anyways… What I said is I love your blog and that your write about everything on your adventure: the good and the bad moments. I love that about you! Your kids probably wont remember all the fabulous meals you cooked for them… They will remember all the fun activities and wonderful memories you are creating as a family. Bravo Wendi!!!!! Love ya! -Haley

    • Wendi

      Love you Haley! Thanks! I know about the food, I work so hard but it really is selfish on my part. I want them to eat good food but nutritious and different so when they are older they will be willing to eat others food and not offend them (mission, mother-in-law, wife who doesn’t know how to cook, room mate). It is funny, Paul praises my cooking every night and even if they don’t agree, they say what great food they get to eat. Brainwashing or love? I’ll take it. Love you!!!!!

  • Kori

    I’m glad your day got better! It was so great to talk to you! Sounds like you are doing much better and I’m so glad. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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