Yes, it is true, Paul is sick today and I am tired.  We had plans to go to the beach but Paul had a fever all night.  So, change of plans.  We would have got out of the house and gone somewhere close by but the freeway was closed for the day.  YEP!  The ENTIRE FREEWAY CLOSED, only one too!  Crazy huh!
So, today, I had nothing better to do than my HAIR.  Yep, here is a fun hairstyle I got from and I finally got it to look right!
Sorry, I took a nap on it.  But Paul says it still looks cool.

Abby’s version.   Wish I had someone taking my pictures like hers! 
I also found these funny pictures on my phone of L.  Because both Paul and I weren’t on our best game today, we let the kids watch t.v. a bit.  L used my phone to watch Netflix.  I guess she didn’t just watch t.v. . . . 

What a silly girl!  Got to love her!
Love always ~  Wendi

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