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Kid’s are Bloggin’ Today! – Whitti Wendi
Costa Rica,  Wendi's Daily Blog

Kid’s are Bloggin’ Today!

Welcome to the “Whitti Children’s Blog”.
Today we have 4 special guest bloggers: L, G, K, and E.
They are going to share with you their favorite moments in Costa Rica.
Our first guest blogger is L.  She personally picked ALL these pictures (yes, this took A LOT of patience!) and these are HER WORDS to describe the picture.  Enjoy!
“Going to eat donuts, and goin’ to walk around, to whatever it is called.  My face is different!”
“UHHHH!  Big donuts!  Little donuts on the top and big donuts on the bottom.  I don’t like those!”  (K started laughing.  “Then why choose this picture?)
“UMMMM!  HUH!  Crocodile water!  UHHH! We’re swimming!  AANNNDDD the playground.”  (very silly giggling while saying this)
“Um, I don’t know?  Um, going?  What?”  (I finally asked her who took this picture)  “Uh!  Did I?  Did you?  Did K?  E took the picture?  OOOOHHH, YES!  I took the picture!”
“I went to the volcano!”  (silly voice again)
 Now it is G’s turn!  
(Laughing) “Donut picture.  I feel good about the donut.  I look like this because I want to be CRAZY!”
“This is David and Goliath.  Um, I did this in church.  By figuring out which colors I want.  I did it because I felt like I like drawing.”
“This one I don’t know about.  Because K and E made the fort.  I like this picture because I like it.”
“I know the temple is true!”
“I like to go on slides with water at the bottom of the slide!”
Okay, K’s turn!
“We had fun eating!”
“We jumped into the water in our clothes!”
“We had fun in the tree!”
“We had fun being silly!”
“I could FINALLY talk to someone.  Nice guy!”
Last, but not least, E!
“This is me and mom before we went into the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead.”
“This is me and Dad in front of the temple doors awaiting to feel the warmth of the temple.  I was excited and happy to be going into the Lord’s house.”
“This is me building a tree fort by the swimming pool.  This is one of the many trees that I could climb here.”
“Mom told me to come to L’s bathroom to see something.  I discovered it was a baby lizard.  I thought it was cool to catch a lizard so easily.”
“I like to make big bubbles and I enjoy the shape that this bubble made.”
Okay, my turn!  Boy, this was a CHORE to do but we made it!  Just choosing the pictures took at least an hour.  Then the blogging, well, I won’t bore you with the fighting that went on but WE DID IT!
I hope this fresh look at life in Costa Rica through the kid’s eyes, was fun?  I sure am proud of what these kids have handle the last 22 days.  I can’t believe we only have 2 full days in Costa Rica left!  I hope to make the most of them.
Today was just a chill day.  We thought we were having company today but they never called.  So, we watched shows, played in the rain and even jumped into the pool with our clothes on.  The best time to swim is during a rain storm; with the cloud cover, the water is warm.  The pool water was almost to the top of the pool too, due to all the storms we have had for a week.  It has been a good day.
See you all soon!  ~  Wendi and the kids.
(poor Paul is sick in bed.  Yucky and nasty cold/flu going around at his office.  It is definitely winter here!)


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