Costa Rica


I can’t believe I am doing this, AGAIN!  I have to say goodbye to Costa Rica and I just can’t bare to do it.
Just LOOK at this place!  (While I was driving on the freeway, E was my daredevil and took this picture out the window for me.  I took the risk of losing our expensive camera for one last look at this amazing view.  I just LOVE it here!

 For someone who suffers from seasonal depression, I am SHOCKED that I feel so happy being among so many clouds and rain storms every afternoon!  I just can’t help it, this place makes me feel so happy!
So, how do I do it?  How do I deal with this “temptation” to stay here?  How do I let go of something SO SPECIAL to me?  I was SO TEMPTED to go driving today.  I am grateful I didn’t.  I worked so hard today, harder than I did to get ready to come here.  I wouldn’t have had time to get it all done and would have sacrificed my sleep.  Not a good choice.  Thank Heavens I stayed home today.
Because today I: made banana bread for the kids breakfast on the plane, made dinner, a batch of chocolate dusted almonds, cleaned out the fridge/freezer and fed it to the kids, and washed all the clothes.  Not to mention I cleaned out every room in this enormous house, ran to pay our airport fees ($198.00 to leave the country) and took the kids swimming one last time.  This time we waited for Paul to come home.  It was already getting dark, so we decided to swim and eat dinner a bit later.  The kids, of course, LOVED IT!  So did I.  
But this pain inside only got deeper.  How can I leave this beautiful place?  A place that feels like home to me!  A place, I think, I would like to raise our children in.  Well, that is how you solve the problem.  Thinking something is right and knowing it is right are two completely different feelings.  I don’t KNOW it is right to live here.
So, with those thoughts, I MUST say good-bye to this beautiful country.  I will think of it and hopefully dream of it.  And if I get too homesick for Costa Rica, I will look up this incredible blog (thanks for the encouragement everyone!) and remember the memories we made one month, in 2012.
Good Bye Costa Rica – my heart and eyes will miss you!
As for all of those I am excited to see soon, Good Night!  Pray for me!  I am flying home with 4 kids and a TON OF LUGGAGE!  I am going to need all the prayers, patience and help that I can get.
Sweet Dreams  ~  Wendi

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