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Feels GOOD to be home!

I am so grateful to be home!  I am still in a bit of a fog, jet lag and sleep deprivation I think.  But boy does this feel GREAT!  The kids were SO CUTE last night, when we FINALLY arrived home.  They walked around the house, at 1:00 a.m., looking at everything they had taken for granted.  

“I love this red couch.  I love this garage.  I missed carpet on the floors.  I love this fridge.  I love this dishwasher.  I love these stairs.  I love this room (their bedroom).  I missed having a blanket to sleep with.”
 SO CUTE!!!  
As for me, this is what I missed . . .
My dishwasher
My disposal in my LARGE sink, with a sprayer.  Oh, my sprayer!!!
Okay . . . MY KITCHEN!!!
Even walking by this front door I missed!  Silly, but true.
 I just can’t help it. 
I LOVE my home and I love it more now because I KNOW what I have here.  I didn’t know before this experience to Costa Rica.  But I am seeing it better every day.  I am so glad to be home!  I am so grateful to live where I do.  I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many I love and who love me.
So stop on by, because . . . I AM HOME!!!

Good Night  ~  Wendi

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