Month: August 2012

Fun with Daddy!

We had a wonderful day with Daddy!  ALL DAY TOO!  We let Paul choose what he would like to do with us today.  He had his pick of: the beach, the Children’s Museum, the Gold Museum, or a trip to a volcano.  He chose the beach! The Kids LOVED the idea!  (E & K swimming to their hearts content!) I… Read more →

Forgive Me!

Hello you all!  I beg your forgiveness but I am SO TIRED from today that I just can’t blog.  I am also a bit stressed out about our flight home starting at 4:30 Thursday morning.  I am trying to wrap my head around feeding my children all 3 meals in an airplane or at the airport.  AHHHH!  It is SO… Read more →

Kid’s are Bloggin’ Today!

Welcome to the “Whitti Children’s Blog”. Today we have 4 special guest bloggers: L, G, K and E. They are going to share with you their favorite moments in Costa Rica. Our first guest blogger is L.  She personally picked ALL these pictures (yes, this took A LOT of patience!) and these are HER WORDS to describe the picture.  Enjoy!… Read more →


Yes, it is true, Paul is sick today and I am tired.  We had plans to go to the beach but Paul had a fever all night.  So, change of plans.  We would have got out of the house and gone somewhere close by but the freeway was closed for the day.  YEP!  The ENTIRE FREEWAY CLOSED, only one too! … Read more →

E’s First Time at the Temple

Today was a very special day for our oldest son, E. He attended the temple for the first time! The San Jose, Costa Rica Temple – Pretty Special!! E with his dad, Paul – before we entered the temple. E was patient to go; we had to wait for Paul’s leg to heal enough to take him. Stitches have been… Read more →


Yep, I have been busted.  Doing what you ask?  Well, staying up late at night, blogging, facebooking, reading books, even watching t.v., anything but going to bed.  I have had this nasty bad habit for as long as I can remember.  It has been my solice, my vice, my comfort when life is out of control, unbearable or just plain… Read more →