Month: September 2012

Grateful for Clean Clothes

The last few days have been rough, emotionally, for me. I couldn’t understand what was “wrong”?  I was doing my best, every day, but still . . .  SOMETHING WAS MISSING! I thought maybe it was my daily workouts that I was missing?  Or maybe I was STILL not getting enough sleep?  But NO!!!!!  I just couldn’t figure it out.… Read more →

Happy Birthday Daddy!

In TRUE Wardle fashion, I am a day late in wishing my sweet Dad a VERY I love you Dad! (He just turned 61 – so proud!) You are someone I can turn to, when life is kicking me down.   Someone I can vent to, but then encourages me to see things from another perspective. Someone I can celebrate life’s… Read more →

I am FINALLY feeling better!

I am STARTING to feel MUCH BETTER!   Microsoft Publisher 2007 “HURRAH!!” I HONESTLY started to believe I “had something” because I have never felt SO EXHAUSTED for such a long period of time (10 days).  But looking back now, I can see why I felt so tired, actually exhausted.   I was sad. WHY? Well, I FINALLY figured it out this… Read more →

I Create by . . . COOKING

Question of the day:  HOW DO YOU CREATE? Do you know?  Did it take you a moment to think about?  Or did you think instantly of many ways that you create?  For me, it honestly took a moment. I wanted to share something about cooking today and I started a post about it.  But I wasn’t “feeling it,” until I… Read more →