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I Create by . . . COOKING

Question of the day:  HOW DO YOU CREATE?
Do you know?  Did it take you a moment to think about?  Or did you think instantly of many ways that you create?  For me, it honestly took a moment.
I wanted to share something about cooking today and I started a post about it.  But I wasn’t “feeling it,” until I saw something on facebook, of all places!
Do you have 1:53 minutes for me?  You won’t regret it.  No matter who you are or what you believe, I BELIEVE this can help you today!
So, do you? GREAT!  Watch this! (click on picture below)  The BEST PART is at the end! 
So, how do YOU feel? 
I hope you feel as great as I do!  Here I am, wanting to “create a post” on cooking, it isn’t going very well, and then it hits me, “HOLY COW . . . I CREATE!  And I CREATE EVERYDAY!”  
One of the MANY ways that I create, besides blogging, is by cooking.  I LOVE to cook!  I haven’t always loved cooking, but I do now.  And like the video mentioned, it didn’t just come together in one day.  It took one small step at a time.  Each step was one that I dared to take and they weren’t all successes.  They still aren’t, most nights, because at least 1 member of my family COMPLAINS about what I have made, or “created”, for dinner that night.  
To be honest, it hurts!  It really has, until lately. What changed?  Paul.
I believe he was inspired to make this small but HUGE change at our dinner table.  Each night, that he GETS to eat with us, he makes one comment and it sounds something like this . . . “Isn’t this meal wonderful?  Do you know how blessed/lucky we are to have your mom cook for us?  Did you know that she is a gourmet cook/chef?  I love eating her meals!  You kids don’t know how lucky you are to eat such wonderful meals every night.  People pay a lot of money to eat like this in restaurants.”
Wow!  I am blushing now, re-reading this.  But that’s it.  That is all he does. 
I can’t believe that such a simple, heart-felt recognition of what I am “creating” has changed dinner time from 2-3 complaints to only 1-2 a night.  And it is getting better each week.  What Paul started has been a blessing to me. . .
But I had to let it be a blessing and this is how I did it.  
I first ALLOWED those comments to enter into my heart.  I accepted them as truth, then just left them there.  THAT’S IT!  As I have done this, love for myself has started to grow.  I first FELT that what I was doing was:  good, important, something special that I was creating and sharing in the world.  Then I started to SEE that it not only blessed my family but neighbors, friends and extended family.  I was able to RECOGNIZE the JOY on their faces for the meals I was sharing with them.  Then I felt GRATITUDE for having this gift in my life.
It is all so overwhelming to think that these gifts come from somewhere.  So start simple!  Just think, “What do I create?” and accept it.  Share it.  Allow it to bless your life and I promise you, it will!
Give it a try and TELL ME what you think!  If my blog won’t let you post, then facebook your comment to me and I will share it for you.
Before I go, here is one of my favorite, EASY, pinterest recipes that I tweeked a bit.  My family LOVES it!  I know it has been 100 degrees here in Utah, but this soup tastes so comforting, so nurturing, so fulfilling, that it makes a perfect meal, anytime of year!  And think, doesn’t all your food come to the table hot in some form?  Soup is a light meal, affordable and quick to throw together.  I hope you enjoy it!
Lion House Creamy Chicken Soup
2 chicken breasts
6 cups chicken broth  (I used chicken base from Costco/Sam’s.  Easy, NO MSG, stores in fridge)
1 C chopped carrots
1 C minced celery (chop rest of celery, put in freezer bag and store in freezer for next meal.)
1 C peas
½ C chopped onion  (chop rest of onion, put in freezer bag and store in freezer for next meal.)
2 cans cream of chicken soup (I make my own – do you want to know how?  EASY!  No MSG!)
1/4 C evaporated milk or ½ C whole milk
8-12 oz uncooked egg noodles (homestyle)
Salt and pepper to taste
In a large pot, place chicken and broth and bring to a boil over high heat.  Decrease the heat, cover pot and simmer for 20 minutes, or until chicken is tender.  Remove chicken to cool.
Add carrots, celery, onions, and noodles. Simmer until veggies and noodles are tender. Shred chicken or cut into small, bite-size pieces.  
Add cream of chicken soup, peas, milk, salt, pepper and shredded chicken. Simmer until heated through and ready to serve.
Makes 6 servings (enough for my family plus leftovers for Paul’s lunch)
Serve with crackers/rolls, green salad and fruit.
Wendi’s Tips:
  • Instead of putting onion/celery in a bag back in your fridge, to possibly dry out or mold – chop all of the onion/celery, use what you need for your recipe and then place the rest it into a freezer bag.  Store the bag in a “ready to use” section of your freezer.  Next time need onion/celery, just throw the frozen amount you need into your recipe.  It will cook up just fine!  
  • Cooked Chicken = why not cook all your chicken at once?  The cooking time is the same no matter how much chicken you use.  And it only takes 10 more minutes to: cut up all the leftover chicken, let it cool and bag the leftovers for the freezer.  It will save you 30 minutes per meal.
    • I use leftover chicken for:  chicken caesar salads, pasta dishes, mexican dishes, oven sandwiches with ranch dressing, tomato (sprinkled with white pepper and season all), chicken and cheese (broil until cheese is melted.)  YUM!
    • How do you re-heat the chicken?  If I need it hot, I place the frozen chicken in a microwave-safe bowl, add a tablespoon or two of water (depending on how much chicken in bowl) and microwave until heated through (about 2.5 minutes on my microwave).  
    • If adding to soups or casseroles that call for cooked chicken, just add to meal and cook until chicken is heated through (about 10 more minutes).  




  • Beach Girl

    Wendi… You are simply inspiring! I HATE to cook. I hate planing the meals, going to the store, making dinner and cleaning up. My kids are the MOST picky eaters I find the whole cooking chore to be frustrating. I appreciate your post full of positivity and encouragement! I am going to make your soup for dinner tomorrow. Thank you for all your great time saving tips as well!

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