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Grateful for Clean Clothes

The last few days have been rough, emotionally, for me.
I couldn’t understand what was “wrong”?  I was doing my best, every day, but still . . . 
I thought maybe it was my daily workouts that I was missing? 

Or maybe I was STILL not getting enough sleep?
 But NO!!!!!  I just couldn’t figure it out. . .
What was missing?
I haven’t been blogging lately because I thought I had “too much to do” that blogging was a splurge on my time.  But “not blogging” has taken a HUGE PIECE of JOY out of my life.  When I blog, I make sure to mention something that I am grateful for.  Because that has been missing, I have only been thinking of the negative, the stress, the worry in my daily life. . . and boy can that weigh someone down.
I love this little thought . . .
 I LOVE this idea!  I am not big on vinyl lettering, but I MUST have this on my family wall!
So, what does this have to do with Clean Clothes?
Well, we had NONE today.  
L threw a MONSTER TEMPER-TANTRUM because she had no shorts to wear to “friend preschool” this morning, making her 15 minutes late.  Poor E has been re-wearing shorts all week.  And let’s just say that G needs more of a selection to choose from because the last two days, he has come upstairs wearing a blue shirt with blue shorts (he calls it the Blue Ninja).  Not something I want my child wearing to Kindergarten.
I really had EVERY INTENTION of washing them on Monday, but I just didn’t have the energy.  Yesterday was a zoo, prepping for the Relief Society Activity that night.  And today, well . . . I was up so late the last two nights that my body NEEDED a 3 hour nap.

  So … instead of doing laundry (thankful I don’t have to do it this way!) and a million other things this afternoon, I slept.

But that left my kids without clothes for ANOTHER day.  Fortunately, E kindly reminded me at 10:00 p.m. that he needed shorts tomorrow for school.  I looked at the time, groaned a bit, and started a load of wash.  But just as the wash was starting, I LOOKED UP!!
On top of the washing machine was a pair of E’s shorts that I had air dried to make sure an oil stain had truly been removed.  All I needed to do was iron them and lay them out for E.  It was a blessing.  I still washed a load for the other kids, and put them in the dryer before bed.  But I did not want to wake up tomorrow morning, scrounge through the dryer for a pair of shorts and iron them at 7 a.m.
This was a blessing for me and something I felt grateful for.
It really is the little things in life that make a difference!
Even though today was a difficult day for me, I get to end it on a good note!
Because I chose to be grateful for something!
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