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My Little Snorklers

My little snorklers . . . look at them grow. I can’t believe that just 20 months ago, the two little ones couldn’t swim yet. Now look at them, they are snorkeling with their big helper sister “K”.

We are staying at the Paradizio Condos in Coco beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica for General Conference weekend. We enjoyed listening to the first two sessions of conference from the comfort of the condo’s living room.

I must admit, it was a bit harder to watch conference today, compared to April’s conference where we attended all 6 meetings at the Stake Center.  I thought that experience was going to be hard but it proved to be a HUGE blessing because so many temptations and distractions were removed by being in an official church building, in Sunday clothing, surrounded by many other members of our Stake and having it broadcasted in English, which is a delicious treat to us in Costa Rica.

Being in the condo feels more like being in at home but with the distraction of a beautiful, new swimming pool and high diving board outside, calling their names.  I am grateful that they endured the day well so that they can now enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Whitchurch family motto: Work hard, Play hard!

Whitchurch Family slogan: “When all the work is done, then it’s time for fun!”


Left to counter-clock wise: L, G and K (top). K is playing the shark and the littles are playing the innocent scuba divers.


Duh-nut. Duh-nut. Duh-nut. . . Ah-oh!!  I think the shark found G.


Yeah!!! The shark swam away (K at the bottom).

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