Month: February 2017

On the Road to Escazu

Yesterday was quite a day.  I am actually STILL exhausted and wanting to nap, but too much sleep is not a good thing for me.  So I am trying to stay busy, while resting occasionally on the couch, usually with a child or two snuggling up against me (L and G are the BEST snugglers).  But before I head off… Read more →

I’ll “Let” You!

As I was making dinner for my soon-to-be arriving from a Stake Youth Meeting, hungry husband and oldest children, I pondered the day that I had and realized that my attitude could have prevented me from feeling what I felt today at church.  You see, I was asked to attend another branch today despite the fact that my husband is… Read more →

Living in Latin America as a White, non-Spanish speaking Woman from the USA

I find myself sitting in a Carl’s Jr. all alone, waiting for my piping hot chicken tenders and crisscut fries to not only feed my hungry belly but to comfort my ex-patriate heart.  Being alone in public NEVER happens to me anymore but I feel it is happening tonight because I believe Providence needed it to.  I honestly feel like… Read more →