Month: May 2017

Even Moms get Sick!

Sorry I haven’t be around for a few days . . . I think I had the stomach flu.  Yuck! But even Moms can get sick once in awhile. I really didn’t mind being sick because it is SO MUCH BETTER than what I have been dealing with the past 4 years.  I don’t know if I have shared my… Read more →


This is Curly Cook’s (L) caterpillar “Nature”.  She LOVES to catch things and keep them all for herself.  She is especially excited, and blessed, when she finds caterpillars because they are not easy to find.  Sadly, this one was freaky looking.  It was an Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar and it will grow to be a HUGE, colorful moth. But the… Read more →

Mother’s Day 2017

It’s not Mother’s Day in Costa Rica.  They celebrate it on August 15th.  But I did get to enjoy Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Before Paul left for Ward Council Meeting, he stopped and gave me a small, purple box that had a pink bow on top.  I had thankfully, by accident, come upon it in the safe the day before,… Read more →