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Trying New Things

The thing I probably love most about Homeschooling is the opportunity to try new things.  This morning Curly Cook woke up and had a strong desire come over her to give her friends a gift.  She had spent the night before with them, having dinner at a pizza place nearby our home.  She came home stating that it was “THE BEST NIGHT EVER!” and I am sure she wanted to express her gratitude to them.  The greatest gift she could think to give them was a Book of Mormon.

In her own sweet way, she wrote them a message about how this book was a good book for their family and that she hoped they would actually read it together as a family.  She also shared that she knew it was true and would bring them happiness.  She then grabbed her shoes and ran straight over to give it to them, at 7:45 in the morning.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to stop her.  I was worried that the parents would text me a complaint that my daughter should mind her own business and leave religion out of our relationship.  But just looking into her sweet eyes, I felt something POWERFUL.  She KNEW this book is true and she KNEW she needed to share that with her dear friends.  It was the LEAST she could do.  What a powerful influence for good she is in the world and she needs a mother to back her up and support her.  I pray that I will and that I will do my part to help supply her with all the Books of Mormon that she feels she needs to share with whomever comes her way.

The other new thing that we tried today was with Joy Boy.  We were having a talk about his Jenny Phillips Homeschool Curriculum and he said, “I REALLY HAVE LEARNED a lot from Jenny Phillips.  I just wished I liked doing it.”  He shared that what she has to teach is wonderful but it is hard to learn it all.  I ADORE her program and he is right, it is of the HIGHEST caliber, so it isn’t easy to just whip through it because she uses beautiful words and stretches his vocabulary but it is only one lesson a day.  We can all learn one beautiful lesson a day.

As I heard him out, I remembered a GREAT story Elder Bednar shared in one of his books.  He talked about how rescuers were sent out to tell the pioneers stranded in the snow that help was coming.  As help arrived, these rescuers stayed behind to tell others who were still coming that help was on the way.  As they waited, things went from bad to worse.  They were left to eat their horses hides and the taste made them feel sick.

One of the men prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help change his stomach to like the food.  He was then inspired to boil the hide in such a way that the hair came off but then to boil it again and sprinkle it with sugar, letting it cool.  The finished product was so appetizing and delightful to eat, they gained strength to endure their time of discomfort.  In fact, that food was gelatin and is LOADED with amino acids that are lifesaving.  Hence the reason people are fed gelatin in hospitals.

I challenged Joy Boy to pray and ask Heavenly Father that since he felt he WAS learning from Jenny Phillips and felt he should continue to do it, would Heavenly Father please bless him to enjoy it?  He didn’t really feel like he could ask such a thing but I asked him, “Why not!  It’s like being given a chance to get a free piece of cake, why not take a chance and ask?”  He got the cutest look on his face and said, “Well, okay.”

Then he asked if we could make gelatin.  Of course I had to say yes.

It was perfect lesson in fractions as well as cooking with boiling water.  We had a blast making “Lime Rickey” flavored gelatin (Lime and Black Cherry) and it was the perfect treat to our delicious dinner that Ginger Snap learned to make for us – Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken with Fried Rice.  YUM!

I love that each day brings a new way to learn something that the kids never knew how to do before.  Myself included.  I love that I get to see the wheels in their heads churning and see that “ah-ha!” moment when they have figured it out and can trust themselves to try it again sometime.  Even Ginger Snap learned something today.  She learned that no matter how DISGUSTING raw chicken may look before and after it is fried, it SURE DOES TASTE DELICIOUS!

What a beautiful day today was.  I am again so grateful to live in a day with technology.  Our life in Costa Rica doesn’t seem so far away because we have the blessed means of the internet, email and YouTube.  We have everything we need, right at our fingertips.  What a wonderful time to live our lives!

Paul took this picture last night at the Temple/Church parking lot.  Isn’t it breathtaking! – May 17, 2017

Happy Thursday!


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