Month: June 2017

A Hard Day . . .

Today has been a difficult day.  Yes, I am exhausted.  Yes, I need to sleep.  But sleep doesn’t seem to quench this kind of exhaustion.  The kind of exhaustion I am facing is doubt.  Doubt in myself and the choices that I have made, along with the choices I have made with Paul.  Today was especially difficult because I am… Read more →

Don’t be too Hasty . . . pudding that is.

Each and every morning this week, I have started my day doing this . . . I actually really love doing this every morning.  I have been blessed to turn a difficult and sometimes overwhelming situation into something beautiful and cherished.  Going to bed early (anything before 11) used to be early for me and waking up before the sun (anything… Read more →

Where I visit the most –

There are people who go often to museums, sporting events, concerts, plays, operas, or even the movie theater.  I don’t seem to do any of those things, let alone often.  One place that I do visit often is the temple. As I was walking through the hydrangea filled temple grounds, on my way to the entrance of the temple, I… Read more →