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Joy from my Kitchen!

Poor Obispo Whitchurch.  He sure was busy yesterday.  He didn’t even have time to eat the SCRUMPTIOUS dinner Ginger Snap (K) made for us . . .

Homemade Copycat Wendy’s Chili and Salty Baked Potatoes

He has clients in town, as well as his boss.  All he had time to eat was a sandwich. . .


definitely NOT my favorite meal!

But it doesn’t bother Paul.  Actually, ever since we started dating, Paul has always made a sandwich for a quick dinner. I still remember the first time he made me a sandwich in his parents kitchen.  I remember him pulling out tons of things to put on the sandwich.  I also remember seeing “block cheese” for the first time.  I was raised on American Cheese slices, so seeing a solid BRICK of cheddar cheese didn’t seem appetizing, nor tasty.  Now I can’t even think of eating American cheese slices.  So I happily made my honey his yummy sandwich for his dinner.

I was at least thoroughly relieved to have delicious meal of homemade chili with salty baked potatoes and a green salad.  What a meal it was too.  It even made leftovers for 3 more meals.  Thanks Ginger Snap for the inspiration and motivation to make a batch of chili. I haven’t dared to make it myself since my failed attempt to make and store my own beans.  I work hard all day to learn how to do it and then store them, only to fall asleep without putting them in the freezer.  When I awoke the next morning, they were fermented.  YUCK!  But now I have PLENTY to live off of for the next 2 months or more.  As well as the chili for quick dinners.  YUM!

4 (2 cup) bags of Kidney Beans and 2 bags of “Wendy’s” Chili – June 6, 2017

Sweet Paul.  As I enjoyed my delicious dinner, I thought about him and said a little prayer that he could carry the weight that is upon his shoulders.  Not only is he the provider of our family but he is also a husband, father and Bishop.  How he has time to juggle all 4 responsibilities leaves me realizing how blessed he is to be Bishop right now.  I have seen such growth in Paul, such patience, as well as an increase in love.  I am very grateful that Paul has this opportunity to serve and I pray that he will enjoy every last minute of it, for it truly is a gift to serve in this capacity.


Last week, actually on Ginger Snap’s birthday, Paul invited the youth to come over and learn how to make sugar cookies.  It was a hit, the youth especially enjoyed the frosting.  I loved that Paul put on an apron and HE taught the kids how to make the cookies.  The young men just looked at him in awe, as well as the young women.  What an example Paul is of a loving, caring, hard working, equally yoked husband and father.  I am so grateful to be married to such a wonderful man and honorable holder of his Priesthood responsibilities.

My kitchen in the evening light of Costa Rica – June 6, 2017

Oh how I love my sweet, little kitchen.  From the first moment I saw it I KNEW that THIS was MY kitchen.  I could see myself cooking, cleaning and living in this space.  Oh how I have adored this little piece of heaven.  I have cooked MANY meals in this kitchen, more than I could honestly think to count.  But what joy has been felt in this kitchen.  The countless missionaries, families, friends, clients, co-workers, church members and neighbors we have fed in this very kitchen.  What memories we will cherish for a lifetime.


I have especially loved sharing our kitchen with non-gringo missionaries.  Oh what fun they have had in our kitchen.  These are our newest Elders, one is from Mexico, the other is from El Salvador, and they are making their very own sugar cookies from leftover dough we had in the freezer from last Wednesday’s activity.  I love seeing my kids watch the missionaries try something for the first time.  What an example they are to my kids to JUST TRY!

A typical Costa Rican simple breakfast – Gallo Pinto, a scrambled egg, a bean puree and cheese burrito with Natilla to dip into.

 Like learning to make a typical Costa Rican breakfast, something I hope I can make no matter where I may live in this world.  I am so very grateful for the MANY, MANY experiences I have had in my little kitchen in Belen, Costa Rica.  I don’t own this little kitchen but it has been my friend and I will cherish the time I get to spend in it.  It has loved me, served me, fed me, and given me something to share with others.  I am so VERY GRATEFUL for the MANY DELICIOUS meals that have been made in this kitchen.  Especially our latest treat . . .

Homemade Maple Bars from Our Best Bites

go check them out.  I realize you have bakeries that can make these for you but I assure you, these are SO MUCH BETTER!!!!

Thanks for listening!

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