Month: August 2017

Post #22 – Salmon Salad, Precious Friends and Guacamole!

Paul is off to be Bishop.  I love Tuesday nights.  A nice meal together as a family, then family scripture reading and prayers, leads to the night being left to enjoy how we please before heading off to bed.  The kids are all watching the last half of “What Katy Did” – a movie about a book GingerSnap read and loved.  The… Read more →

Post #21 – Only 7 more weeks to go and FABULOUS Mint Brownies!

This morning we had a yellow and blue sky with cotton-candy clouds.  It was exquisite! I am grateful to be back carpooling for Seminary again.  I guess over the last 2 months, amid the weekly counting down to the last day of Seminary, I grew to depend on my quiet mornings of solitude.  I also thoroughly enjoy the opportunity I… Read more →

Post #17 – Change is hard!

I have 40 minutes and hope to get this done before I need to get ready for our special guests tonight.  We have invited a very special family over for dinner and FHE tonight.  They are the cutest couple, Matthew and Stephanie, and they have the most adorable little boy, Isaac (you pronounce it E-sack).  We love this couple and… Read more →