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Post #9 – Selling our HOME!

How did time go by so fast?  

It seems like yesterday my kids were this little, sitting in front of our home on Damon Way.  I remember moving to that home with just the first 2 in this picture, than numbers 3 and 4 have also come along.

Damon Way was a home that helped Paul and I create the childhood my children cherish.  The stories they share of playing in the backyard on the play-set or trampoline.  Sleepovers in the playhouse on a very warm February night.  Riding their bikes, scooters and wiggle carts on the drive-thru/3 car garage driveway, scaring Bob Debry to pieces!!  Ginger Snap learning to do her toughest tumbling tricks on our long front lawn.  Sitting in the front yard patio swing or going for walks around the block with an ice cream cone in hand during a pink and blue sky Sunday evening.

The kids have shared their many adventures inside the house too.  From jumping off the “wall” in the TV room into the red and cream striped bean bag, to running from one end of the house to the other as fast as they could go. From playing hide and seek in my large laundry baskets under the counter in the laundry room, to the hours spent building Legos in one of the boy’s large bedrooms.  The trumpet lessons given by Uncle Jeff, Aunt Rachel and Uncle Mark with cousins underfoot, staying for dinner after the lesson was through.  To the countless Relief Society, Pampered Chef or Baby Showers that were thrown in our home.

The hot tub in the living room, the red IKEA couch in the kitchen family room, the freezer at the back door, to “Our Store” under the stairs.  OUR HUMONGOUS Christmas tree that almost reached the ceiling in our living room, to the “movie theater” birthday parties held in our basement with play money to buy their goodies. Play dates, Blue Preschool, Young Men’s (while the church was being remodeled), Relief Society Activity Planning meetings, making Paul’s GradSchool Graduation blanket, and the baby blessings/baptisms.

Then there were the hours that were spent visiting in our kitchen as people sat in the tall, comfortable kitchen stools or the many friends, family, neighbors and ward members we shared SO MANY meals with in our quaint dining room on a Sunday evening.  These are the memories that we will cherish forever!

Because we are selling our home on Damon Way.

I don’t know if it is harder to share this over the internet or in person, but I can imagine the look on my face if my friend or family member were telling me that they were selling the ONLY tangible item left of their’s in Utah.  I would have a look of confusion, longing for them to stay close by and wonder as to what they are feeling they need to do next?

In a nutshell, Paul and I never felt we would live on Damon Way for very long.  From the beginning we felt that our home there would be temporary.  At the time, I thought temporary would be 3 or 4 years, so I did all I could to not “settle” into our new home.  But that proved to be a TERRIBLE idea.  By year 5 I had to make up my mind to ENJOY this home of ours and live in it to our fullest.  That was when I started to think of ways to fix up the house and felt prompted NOT TO TOUCH IT!  That was a difficult prompting to receive again and again and again, but I did obey . . . well sort of.

I insisted on removing the carpet from out of the eating area of the kitchen/family room.  The first 3 kids destroyed it in under 2 years.  So we replaced the total floor with new tile.  That was a JOB and a half, but it turned out REALLY nice and I felt it was “okay” to give the walls a gentle green coat of paint.  I loved that kitchen.  Many hours were spent in that part of the house.  I am truly grateful I was allowed to make it mine while we had it to enjoy.

I wanted to paint the WHITE WALLS of our home but the answer was ALWAYS “NO!”  But I did bend and paint the walls in each of the kid’s rooms.  I hope that they are okay enough for the house to be sold, because boy were they bold colors. I don’t regret them now, and hopefully not later, but it might not have been as necessary as I once felt it was.  The only other room that I dared paint was the library and downstairs hallway.  The kids were so hard on the walls, not just mine but visiting kids, and I felt they needed some protection.  Again, I felt I had the “okay” to pain the hall, but maybe not the library?

In the end, I feel that Paul and I used that house to the fullest degree possible.  We created SO MANY memories in that home: Paul’s wood shop in the 3rd car garage with a heater for the winter time, our boat parked behind our house under the boat port cover, the hours we spent doing yard work, my square foot (geometrically shaped) garden at the corner of the property, our magnolia and Japanese maple trees – before they both died.  But my favorite memory of all will be the PEOPLE we met while living on Damon Way.

I truly was blessed with THE BEST NEIGHBORS a girl with 4 small children and a traveling/Grad-schooling husband could have had.  While during those 8 years we lived on Damon Way, Paul was in school or traveling for 5 of them.  Life wasn’t easy on Damon Way. I suffered from MAJOR depression and fear but I made it through with the love, patience, support and community that I lived in. I will forever be grateful to all those who helped me and my family while we lived there.

Now, you may be thinking, “Why are you selling now?  Are you planning to stay in Costa Rica forever?”

Well, my answer to such a question is this . . . “How long do you plan to be a plumber, a dentist, a doctor, a teacher, a mother, a father, a neighbor, a friend, a shopper, a spender, a saver, a hermit, etc.?”  We don’t know the answer, just as no one really knows the answer to what I am asking in return.  Our lives are not planned out . . . well, at least we try to plan out our lives but then God laughs and makes other plans for us to follow.  Am I right?  Life is to be lived each new day, and that is just what we are doing.

And “How are the kids taking it,” you might ask?  Surprisingly well.  I think this has been more difficult on me, for I am the one, out of the ENTIRE FAMILY, that has lived in Utah the longest.  Paul lived 8 years of his life, before marriage, outside of Utah.  El Gringo only lived in Utah 14 1/2 years.  I lived there for 38 years!  That is almost 3 times as long as El Gringo.  So this has been especially hard on me but I also feel at peace because WE KNEW this day would come, no matter if we were moving someplace else in Utah, the USA or Costa Rica.  No matter where you are moving to, leaving Damon Way is all the same . . . because you are leaving a part of your past behind.

As for “What now?”  We don’t know exactly.  Part of us wants to buy a home in Costa Rica, just so we can feel “at home” during the time we have left here – which we don’t know how long that will be.  Another part of us wants to keep things just the way they are . . . but life NEVER seems to stay the same for us for very long.  There are reasons to move forward, mainly for the need to progress.  So in time we will know what will happen, but for now, A LOT of breathing in and out, thinking positive thoughts, staying busy with good priorities and seeking to enjoy each day, rather than thinking, “We’ll be happy when ________ happens.”

Thank you again to ALL of our WONDERFUL friends on Damon Way/Kings Row/Brookside Apartments/Woodbridge Condominiums, you have been FANTASTIC neighbors.  The BEST!  Also a HUGE thank you to the Big Cottonwood 10th Ward for always being there when we needed you and for looking over our home the last 31 months.  And to the SUPERB Oakridge Elementary School (2008-2014).  You had some of the FINEST Teachers the world could offer.  Thank you for helping me get a start on educating my kiddos.  We love and will cherish you always.

If you are interested in checking out our home, here is the listing.  Please pass this onto your friends and family.  The neighborhood is quaint, quiet (boy do we miss not hearing anything at night while we sleep because we now live next to a Karaoke Bar – fun for us!), friendly, almost private neighborhood.  It is tucked away behind Highland Drive and Holladay Boulevard.  I have lived in Holladay for 30 years and never knew this neighborhood existed.  It truly is a gem. I wish all the happiest blessings on the next owners of this superb home.  This house truly has been a dream come true.  Oh how we will all miss it!

All my love,


  • Kori

    I am both sad and excited for you. So many memories in that house. But being in the same situation as you, I’m excited that you get to sell and move on. Part of me is jealous, I’ll be honest. I’m sure that house will go quickly in this market. It’s such a great place. Prayers for a quick sell!

  • carolyn

    aaw I loved visiting with you in that home. hope at some point you get to come back to utah. always enjoyed our time we got to spend together. will pass along the info on your home to everyone I know who may be looking.
    always enjoy reading your post, even though I don’t comment much

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