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Post #12 – My 4th Costa Rican Mother’s Day – Whitti Wendi
Costa Rica,  Wendi's Daily Blog

Post #12 – My 4th Costa Rican Mother’s Day

I received this sweet meme yesterday morning from my friend Esmerelda.  She was so thoughtful to include me in her country’s celebration of Motherhood.  This is my 4th time celebrating Costa Rica’s Mother’s Day on August 15th, yet we have only lived here for 30 months.  So how is that possible?

Because we already got to live here 5 years ago, but only for 25 days.

Sadly, I’m STILL sick and yesterday’s symptoms actually concerned me because I didn’t feel like the medicine I was taking was helping me.  I was only feeling worse and it started to worry me.  I decided I needed to call Paul and get him involved.  Thankfully he was able to come home to help me for a bit.

I felt like he was my knight in shining armor and helped me figure out a different treatment plan.  Honestly, the hug and a blessing really was what I needed most at that moment, but also working together to figure out what I could do better is what has given me the confidence to keep fighting this bug.  Now we are having me drink an herbal tea that is an expectorant, combined with boiled ginger root.  This tea has helped me feel IMMENSELY better.  No, it doesn’t have the greatest taste but it is helping move this cough along.  I am also taking this medicine . . .

It is another popular medicine in Latin America.  Paul LOVES it.  Me, not so much.  I feel dizzy and foggy minded when I take it but it does help with the body aches, chills/sweats, and common cold symptoms.  I still have my harsh cough and that sound is what worries the kids the most.  The littlest 2 keep coming in and saying, “I hope you feel better Mommy” and leave me a get well soon card.

They have also been showering me with homemade Mother’s Day gifts.  What a surprise!

Ginger Snap made me an earring holder at Mujeres Jovenes (Young Women’s) and the cutest cards.  The green card has an origami flower inside. The flower card in the pot has pedals that say something I am good at on each pedal.  That was very thoughtful of her to do for me.

Joy Boy recorded himself singing to a beautiful primary song called “Dearest Mother, I Love You.”  His heart must be made of the purest gold.  Bless his heart for sharing it with so many, including me.

“Gentle words I hear you say.
Your kind hands help me each day.
You’re my mother kind and true;
Dearest mother, I love you.”

Curly Cook colored me another picture and then wrote me a beautiful song.  She recorded herself singing and playing the song she wrote.  It was a very sweet gesture from her special heart.  I feel especially grateful to appreciate my loving children.  They are so good for me.

Just as I had fallen asleep for a much needed nap, Paul came home from work earlier than usual but did not come empty handed.  He not only brought me the medicine I needed, but his own Mother’s Day gift for me as well.  I was deeply touched he had even thought to do something.

I have wanted this coffee table book ever since I saw it 31 months ago.  It is loaded with the most amazing photographs of Costa Rica.  I never felt I could just go out and get it myself, but now receiving it for Costa Rica’s National celebration of Motherhood, I felt the timing was perfect.

While Paul rounded up the kids and got them to work, while he prepared dinner for our family, I lay in bed, studying my new book.  As I looked at each new page, I felt a glimmer of excitement and happiness that my kids will also look at these photos and I wonder if they will be just as amazed as I am?  Maybe they will like photographs I do not?  Maybe they will see things that I do not see?  But no matter what, I felt like I had something I could share with my kids . . . a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE of where they live on this earth!

Isn’t that every mother’s goal?

Making the decision to follow our hearts and move to Costa Rica has actually allowed me to further develop and even hone my skills as a mother.  I will forever be grateful for the time that we have been allowed to live here and I am honored to have been so richly blessed with a family that does appreciate me and the role I play in their individual lives.  I feel that while living here, I have been blessed to see life from a very unique perspective, much like this coffee table book.

By learning to trust in the Lord, and at times FLY to where He is waiting for me, I have been entrusted to see things from a perspective I could have only dreamed of.  I truly believe in what I posted 5 years ago . . . and I have now seen those thoughts and feelings turn into actions.  I pray the results will also blossom into what our hearts have hoped they would become. I am proud of myself for letting go of what I “thought” my life should look like and instead I worked day by day to TRULY allow Heavenly Father’s plan to take FULL affect in my life.  I can easily say that my life is glorious and beyond anything I could have imagined; past, present and now I have hope for our future.

I truly believe that the role of motherhood is one of Heavenly Father’s mightiest of weapons to fight against anger, crime, hatred, fear and pride.  What a gift it is for a woman to learn to value being called “Mother.”

Happy Mother’s Day, no matter where you live or what day it may be, for EACH DAY is a MOTHER’S DAY to share what little bit of knowledge, love, patience, hope, charity, faith, trust, loyalty, peace and joy she has to share that day.  Step by step, little by little, one day at a time, each day adds up until . . .

you have planted your own garden.  I love this story!!  Enjoy!

Thanks for Listening,


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