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Post #18 – It was a good day!

Today was a good day!

As a family, we made a “Family Goal” to complete together.  We decided on going on a field trip, our second for the month of August – not bad, if I do say so myself.  We each had a responsibility to fulfill, that led us to visiting Los Chorros Waterfalls with 2 of our friends, Sheila and Braden.

We all piled into our friend’s vehicle and enjoyed the beautiful drive together.  We found out that Braden loved the Wiggles too.  We had a great time talking together.  After arriving at our destination, we found that there was not an entrance fee or parking fee, but the guard didn’t feel comfortable leaving us to walk the muddy, slippery path down to the waterfalls alone.  So he came along.

Joy Boy is showing me how he believes the bridge was attached and what he thought made the bridge fall into the river.

My friend Sheila is 20 weeks pregnant and since we didn’t have any men with us, he felt it was his responsibility to care for us.  He not only chaperoned us on the trail, but he wiped off the tables for us to eat our picnic lunches and checked to make sure that the bathrooms were clean.  He was a sweetheart.  Sadly, the bridge to the second waterfall had fallen over into the river, so we could only visit the first waterfall.  Still, it was a WONDERFUL experience to have together.

After taking a tour of our surroundings, we pulled out our Nature Books (thanks to Ginger Snap for remembering) and we all sat down to fill in 2 pages about the 5 senses and an observation of the weather for that day.  Our friends looked at us strangely but let us do our thing, while they ate their lunch.

El Gringo took it one step farther and went out into the middle of the river to answer his questions.  I was actually VERY proud of him.  Not only for his excellent attitude towards being given an “assignment” to do during a hike but for being so brave to go out on his own and figure things out for himself.  I also love that he asked us to take his picture.  That makes me happy, not in a “my son is cocky way” but I feel he was saying “I want to make the most of this moment” way.  He is growing up fast and soon he won’t be around to join us in our family fun.  So I am deeply grateful to have these moments to spend with him.

After a nice little picnic lunch, we headed back to the car, with the aid of our own personal chaperone and then headed home.  We were only gone about 3 hours.  It was the perfect day.

On our way home, I decided to treat everyone to a smoothie from our favorite fruit smoothie shack in Belen.  Then Joy Boy asked if he could PLEASE have some fried chicken from his favorite chicken store that was right next door.  How could a mom refuse (plus I wanted a couple french fries myself).  We each enjoyed our smoothie, chicken and fries and then spent the afternoon watching “educational” shows – “Living on One Dollar“, “Sid the Science Kid the Movie“, and “Bill Nye the Science Guy – Gravity.”  I caught up on my friend’s vlog, “The Boye Family Jewels” while taking a much needed, relaxing, hot bath.

It is now 5:08 p.m. and I am feeling quite satisfied.  I realized that I have been stressing out subconsciously about homeschooling this year.  The truth is, I have never homeschooled while being healthy.  The last 2 years were filled with me being more bed ridden or confined to the house, so it was easy to be around for the kids all day long.  But now that my health is coming back, I struggle to know what this year should look like.  It is also, most likely, El Gringo’s last full year of homeschooling with us.  I foresee that in the next year El Gringo will be starting to fly from the nest more often, causing a great gap in our family school.  So I want to make the most of this year with him.

I also struggle with the idea of going on field trips to see amazing parts of Costa Rica without Paul.  Having Paul with us makes our family complete but I have constantly battled with this issue since we started having children. I have always felt that Paul was being jipped, but after watching a few of my friend Julie Boye’s vlogs, I realized that this is just a part of how we have to live our lives.  Many Daddy’s go to work, while Mommy stays home to care for the children.  I wish Paul could take one day a week off from work, or even 2 days a month, and join us but for now, it doesn’t seem possible.  But maybe in the future?

In all honesty, today felt great! My body felt great on the hike and being out in nature was something we all needed.  I am truly grateful for the things that our family is being given.  I am also grateful that our family is able to practice not coveting what others have and instead appreciate what we have been given to do.

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