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Post #20 – New Meal Plan

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves, and most important responsibilities, is planning what we will have for dinner.  This responsibility started when Paul and I were newlyweds and I have not been able to pass it off ever since.  I can’t even explain the panic, anxiety, frustration, irritation and boredom I get when doing this chore . . . but it HAS to be done.  (Same thing with the bathrooms)

  Now I don’t have to be the one to cook the food, or thankfully clean the bathrooms, but I am the responsible party when it comes to planning out the meal, making the list to purchase the needed ingredients for the meal, and then making sure the meal gets prepared with enough time to eat it at the “right time” each night.  We are on a tight schedule in our home, so meals need to be ready to go each night, or else Bishop goes to his appointments with a sandwich in hand.  Thankfully he doesn’t really care what he eats, but I REALLY DO!

I have tried so many different ways to make this not be a chore, or at least easier on me, but the bottom line is, our family gets bored eating the same stuff every month.  I can get away with about 2-3 months of a meal plan but then we all get burned out and turn to the “let’s see what we feel like eating tonight” meal plan.  That lasts for about 1-2 months and then we are back to a scheduled meal plan again.

So, without further adieu, here is my most recent meal plan . . . even in a printable pdf, so if you happen to like it enough you can use it yourself.  If you need a recipe, let me know, I am happy to send it on over to you.

Meals 2017

Happy Eating!


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