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Post #25 – A Change of Perspective brought me these . . .

I have noticed that the last few weeks I have been mentioning the sunrises that I get to see.  It “dawned” on me that I hadn’t noticed the sunrises as much until now, yet I have been carpooling Seminary for almost 3 years?!?

 Then it hit me . . . I moved my parking spot.

I have parked right here for the last 30 months but the last few weeks I have noticed that the septic tank is especially smelly on Monday mornings.  So instead of just dealing with it, I moved my car to the other side of the HUGE parking lot.


With this ONE DECISION to ‘take care of myself and make my sacrifice more enjoyable’ I began to see these . . .

Thankfully this morning the clouds were broken up, allowing the baby blue sky to peek through, like a baby playing peek-a-boo beneath his sheets.  It took my breath away to see the blanket of clouds in the sky.  I was overjoyed that yesterday was gone and that today was found with a new and hopeful feeling in the air.  As the morning progressed, the sky continued to unfold its beauty to me, like it was offering me a gift of happiness and joy.

As time passed, I looked up and realized that the sky wasn’t through with me yet.  Now it wanted to share its colors.  Oh how I love a yellow and blue sky in the morning!  How did the sky know?


With my round of applause, the sky came back with an encore.

My breath was taken away with JOY and SPLENDOR! The Sun came out in all its glory, reaching out to me with healing arms, touching my face with a hopeful kiss of encouragement, allowing itself to enter my mind – reassuring me that there are MORE days like this to come!


To go from the darkest night to the brightest dawn is truly inspiring.  I believe that the morning is a way for those who are in mourning to be inspired that they will feel hope again.  I won’t lie, the last 30+ months have been the most trying rollercoaster ride of our lives.  There have been moments that we have felt we were falling but somehow the cart caught us and kept on going.  Many times we wished we could make the ride stop, but we knew we needed to get to the end of this ride because it was taking us to our next destination.

My friend Dayna called it “The Fast Track!”

Where the rollercoaster ride is taking us, when it will arrive, what we will be doing when we get there, how long that new moment in time will last, who will be joining us in this new experience and how this will all come to be is still yet to be known.  What we do know is WHY we are doing this . . . it is for our family!

Our family is the MOST PRECIOUS organization that we belong to.  Our family is a constant work in progress and every decision that is made, whether for one family member or for many, affects each member of our family.  We are learning, growing, developing, rejoicing, mourning, but above all, we are coming together.

I have been fascinated with Stephanie Nielsen and her story.   I don’t know if you about know her but she and her husband survived a horrific plane crash that burned both of their bodies.  They have taken their rollercoaster ride and allowed it to make them into better people than they could have ever imagined.  I love that she has a blog and that she has been able to share a little sneak peek into her life with her readers each day.  Because today she shared that her family has decided to homeschool as well.

I don’t know why this made me feel so happy but I suppose I saw this coming.  I saw this family making a HUGE MOVE in their lives and I wondered if they knew what was up ahead.  Thankfully they knew within a day or two that taking their kids to public school wasn’t working for them.  They didn’t share their decision for a few weeks – I don’t blame them at all (no one else’s business) but they did show what they did each day.  It seemed that they were home all day and not at school, but the happiness on their kids faces was tangible.  It was deeper than “I’m getting away with not going to school” it was “I have hope.  I FEEL good about this.”

They shared that this was a scary decision for them but that they were going to go for it.  I was so proud of them; I wished I could send them a message of encouragement and support.  I also was so grateful to be able to see a sneak peek of my life from a different perspective.  Just like noticing the sunrises, that had ALWAYS been there yet blocked by the towering church building, I noticed the JOY that my kids are experiencing RIGHT NOW!

It was 1:20 in the afternoon and this is what my 3 youngest kiddos were doing today.  After spending the morning playing “Boxcar Children” while doing their assignments for the day they decided to go outside and have a picnic lunch, continuing their play of “The Boxcar Children” from inside to outside.  After a few hours of playing they asked if they could cool off with a swim.  Of course I said YES, this is what their childhood is for.  This is MORE than summer vacation, this is a NEW PERSPECTIVE on life and I ADORE that I get to watch them experience their version of sunrises.

GingerSnap was playing “boats” with Curly Cook in their room when she slipped and scratched her back on Curly Cook’s desk. Thank heaven for DoTerra’s Deep Blue. This looked much worse yesterday.

No, not every moment is sunshine and perfumed roses.  We have accidents, disagreements, frustrations, embarrassing moments where I think the entire neighborhood can hear what we are saying, but in the end we are doing what we feel is right and THAT is what matters most.

I am grateful that sunrises like this morning don’t happen everyday, or that days like yesterday DO happen, because without the opposition or absence we would NEVER appreciate the beauty or blessing of what this life has to offer.  I am so grateful I moved my car for a better breath of air, because I was blessed with a better perspective of my life.

‘What I wanted” by Lyndy Butler

I look forward to figuring out what our next adventure brings.  Selling our house in Utah, Paul’s career, Homeschooling our children, preparing our children for their adult lives and helping to build the kingdom of God on the earth are all important, yet they are still to be determined.  Our MOST IMPORTANT GOAL is to strengthen and unite as a family.  I pray that we will always work on this goal until it is completed.

That’s my heart for today!

Thanks for listening,


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