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Post #34 – SURPRISE! for 50 years of Marriage

Now this is a different sunrise than normal! 

Because these are actually aerial photos of Arenal Volcano and Lake.

No, we didn’t take an aerial tour of this beautiful part of Costa Rica, but Paul sort of did.  He was able to take these shots on his way to Utah, to surprise his parents for their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

We have been planning this for 2 months and I am SO GRATEFUL that the secret is finally out!  The kids didn’t know anything until Paul came walking down the stairs yesterday morning, carrying his 2 huge “Utah trip” suitcases.   The kids looked a bit concerned but when we explained our plan, they were REALLY excited – hence the reason we didn’t tell them anything until the day of.

The littlest 2 came with me to take Paul to the airport.  By the time I got home, a case of the green eyed monster started to set in among the 3 youngest.  I knew I needed to get their minds off of their Dad getting to go to Utah without them, so I told them they could go swimming.

Yes, they have their full snorkel gear on, complete with wet suits because the pool water was a bit chilly that early in the morning (8 am).  I was happy that they would be brave enough to go and I was also grateful I was able to catch each of them jumping into the pool, one at a time.

I had a surge of nostalgia come over me as I contemplated my day ahead of me.  Paul hasn’t traveled full time for 30 months.  He has only traveled out of Costa Rica, without us, 2 times for work.  This is his 3rd trip in 30 months without his family.  He would have traveled at least 30 times by now, if it was 3 years ago.  Boy have things changed for us all.  Since he doesn’t travel regularly, he has lost almost all of his flight benefits.


Thankfully, for some amazing reason, Paul was given an upgrade to first class on his longest leg of the trip.  He felt EXTREMELY grateful, especially since he didn’t expect it.  I was deeply grateful because he DID need it!

Confession time.  Sadly, I didn’t choose to use my 1st day with Paul traveling very wisely. Although I did make 3 loaves of bread for a friend who was catering for a very special wedding party, I spent most of my day on my bed catching up on social media – Facebook, YouTube Vlogs, Blogs and mindless articles that didn’t enlighten but stupefy.  I FULLY regret the decisions I made yesterday because they left me feeling lethargic and anti-social with my children by bedtime.  I also saw something REALLY DISTURBING on YouTube that made me regret looking at it in the first place.  It also made me more aware of the pure evil that is on the internet.  It breaks my heart that my kids will see this themselves one day.  Hopefully much later than sooner.

I really struggled getting to sleep that night.  Thankfully Paul chatted with me as he drove to surprise his parents with his presence.  It was getting late, I needed to get up at 4:15 a.m., but I couldn’t sleep until I found out if Paul’s parents were okay with his surprise.  Thankfully, they loved it and were quite happy.  Now I could go to sleep, after some deep and humble prayers that my mind would let go of what I saw.  So DISTURBING!

The next morning dawned and instead of watching the sunrise from the church parking lot, I got to watch it rise from my living room.  I came home to not only be here for my sleeping kiddos but to make breakfast for the Seminary kids.

Every other Friday the Seminary Teacher, David, brings breakfast for the kiddos after their class is over.  He is a sweetheart and sometimes the parents will help bring the breakfast on the other Fridays, but it hasn’t been consistent.  So I thought I would help David out and cover his turn to bring breakfast this week.  We had leftover Texas Sheet cake from a fireside the youth had with David Patey Wednesday night. I also had some fresh pineapple and decided to make them bean, egg and cheddar cheese burritos.  Thankfully the kids liked them but sadly, I arrived a bit too late to feed all the kids, because I sat down for 10 minutes to journal and watch this beautiful sunrise.


So much for helping him out.  Oh well, I’ll do better next time. I hesitated making the burritos too soon and having them either be cold and soggy or have the eggs turn green.  I guess green and soggy egg burritos are better than not eaten burritos.

After I got home from Seminary, I decided that I would correct my wrongs from the day before and STAY AWAY from ALL internet and social media sites for the day.  I also decided to stay away from my bedroom.  Yes, I have an auto-pilot for when Paul travels but that doesn’t mean it is a good auto-pilot program.  I needed to rewire myself to do what I NOW know to be a wise use of my time.  So after helping Curly Cook stay on task all day, something she found difficult to do because her Daddy is gone, I then took some time to work on my drawing skills.

I also got dinner made in advance, dinner for tomorrow defrosting, the downstairs spotless clean, music planned for Sunday and this blog started.  It was a GREAT day and ended just as nicely with a trip to the temple to do a session for an ancestor.  I really enjoyed myself today.  So MUCH MORE than yesterday.  I hope that even though Paul is gone, that I will stay on task and keep my priorities in check.  This is a good test for me. Especially for dinner time.  I will miss having Paul at the table with us but I know that the more I stick to our routine, the easier it will be until he gets home.

Paul also had a wonderful end to his day.  He got to attend the sibling/spouse dinner for his parent’s Golden Anniversary at the Lion House in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Paul enjoyed talking with each of the couples and thoroughly enjoyed his night.  I am so very grateful we had the means to make this happen and that the timing for this trip was more than perfect (more about that to come).  Miracles do happen, if only we will look for them and then acknowledge them.

Thanks for listening!


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