Post #39 – As the thunder rolls in . . .

It has been one of those weeks as a mother.  My heart is saddened at the choices my children have made and yet where can a mother turn for solace and peace?  No one knows my children quite the way that I do.  No one else knows of our struggles, our challenges and the “cha-cha” dance that my children go through as they work on one of their weaknesses; including myself.  There just doesn’t seem to be anyone to talk to about this, anyone to trust with our family’s deepest, most painful moments . . . except our Savior.

As the thunder rolls in, I feel comforted knowing that He feels our pain.  That He understands PERFECTLY how each of us are feeling and the fears we are each battling.  He truly cares and He has hope for us.

So as I listen to the thunder, miles and miles away, talking to me, sending me comforting solace that the Lord feels my pain, our pain, and He knows that this too shall pass – Just like this storm will.

Thanks for listening,

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