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Post #43 – Having Hope while making Soap

As I mentioned in post #42, I was having a rough week last week with the kids.  But instead of pulling the covers up over my head, I stayed busy.

It was Paul’s 43rd birthday and although we had already celebrated it early in the week, I decided he still deserved a nice dinner the night before he left on his dream scuba diving trip.  So I made Italian bread from scratch.  It is actually a pretty easy recipe and has the coolest trick to make the crust hard.  You spray water in the over, every 7-8 minutes, as it bakes, thus forming a hard shell.  The kids ADORED the smells coming from the oven and I treated them to hot, fresh bread for lunch.  (sometimes I am a nice mom)

On top of making these delicious treat, I made a bold move and put our lovebirds outside on our front porch.  I think they are going through maturity because they are VERY NOISY and LOUD the past few weeks and their beaks are growing new beaks??  This REALLY helped bring the stress level down a notch in our home.  When the weather turns stormy and a bit cold, we put them in the sunny laundry room during the study hours.  We miss having them around but hope that this LOUD PHASE will soon pass.

Since it was Paul’s official birthday, I asked the kids if they would make the only gift that Paul requested, a card!  While they were busily hand making their cards, I ran out of hand soap in the guest bathroom.  I was reminded of the new castile soap Paul brought with him from Utah, along with our new DoTerra Essential Oils, and felt it was a good time to make our own foaming hand soap with Joy Boy; since he is the one who first inspired us to start making our own foaming hand soap.

We had so much fun making the soap, the other kids asked if they could bring their empty foaming hand soap containers and also make soap with us.

Sure!  Why not!!!!

The kids had fun choosing their own favorite smells and adding a few drops into their soap containers.  We then labeled the bottles with the oils they chose so we can either remember how to make them again or what to stay away from next time.

All in all we made 7 bottles of foaming hand soap and only used just under 1/8th of the soap we purchased.  We saved a small fortune because foaming hand soap in Costa Rica is regularly $10 a bottle at the local Bath & Body Works.  Yes, you can buy them at times on sale but you will only get a small discount.  So, I would say for 7 bottles, we would normally spend around $50.  Today we maybe spent $5 in soap and oils.  That is INCREDIBLE!  This savings will give us the budget we need to increase our essential oil collection.  I love it when we find ways to add better things to our lives, while cutting out the unessentials.

Joy Boy agrees!

Although dinner had been planned and prepared, Paul and I decided to get the kids out of the house and take them over to the Marriott for dinner and birthday dessert.  We enjoyed the night together – thus making it easier to wake up the next morning without Paul there.

Paul had a 5:30 a.m. flight to Roatan, Honduras, so he left us in the middle of the night.  He landed safe and sound and was joined by one of our FAVORITE family friends – The “Incredible” Dave!  This guy is THE BEST!!!  I know it because Paul has rarely called to check in they are having so much fun!  Happy 43rd Birthday Paul.  We love you very much.  We are proud of the man you continue to be and the person who continue to work on becoming.  Thank you for all you have done to help our family come closer together.


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