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#59 – Life.

I really try not to complain too much but I want this to be here for me in the future.  Things don’t feel so great right now with our “bowling balls” that are up in the air (house, black car, future goals).  My hope is that things REALLY WILL get better sooner than later.  As my friend says,

“It always comes to pass but it never comes to stay.” 

Thankfully, we were blessed with a WONDERFUL long weekend together.  Paul let me sleep in as late as I wanted Thursday – Sunday; it was like being on a mini-honeymoon.  Paul also didn’t have any work or church issues Thursday or Friday, so it was a nice, less-stress weekend.  

We also got to go on a date. 

Sadly, my phone was dying, so no pictures were taken (let’s get serious, I don’t take photos in public . . . eek!) but we drove up to the top of Barva Volcano and ate at a quaint restaurant that was not in any hurry to kick us out of our seats.  We had a FANTASTIC waiter and the food was the BEST I have ever had in Costa Rica!  It was also CHEAP!  I was blown away!  The only thing lacking was a thin jacket to keep the chill in the air at bay, but that’s okay, the night was splendid!

Saturday was a BUSY day, as well as Sunday, but I got to rest all Saturday morning blogging.  I finally NEEDED to get up and start my day and spent it driving El Gringo to a “SOY” Choir practice 45 minutes away.  Instead of driving back for the baptism that Paul and the other 3 kids Ubered to, I stayed at the Institute building and visited for 45 minutes with a newly returned sister missionary, Jenny.  

She is adorable and I loved speaking English with her, something she learned on her mission to New York.  I loved being able to share my thoughts and feelings and to have her WANT to listen to me and learn from me.  I only hope I shared true principles with her, instead of opinions.

After El Gringo got out of practice, we drove a friend of his to a mall that was near a PriceSmart.  El Gringo asked several times if he could have donuts.  REALLY?  After all the sweets from Thanksgiving?  But I said yes.  He is a great kid and he rarely asks for anything at all.  So we stopped in for a few things and headed to another store to get pillows to re-fill a stuffed dog the 3 younger kids share from a past neighbor of ours, Katherine Kinnison.

Paul was busy making french fries and green beans to go along with our quick meal of Open-faced BBQ Chicken and Ranch sandwiches.  We topped the fries with cheddar cheese and taught the kids about the old Training Table restaurant that Paul and I used to eat at every Thursday night for our newlywed date night together. 

We were all exhausted and went to bed without complaining, only to wake up to a VERY BUSY Sunday.

It was hard to not have Paul at church; harder than I expected, but we made it through.  Sadly, I was watching the clock – I don’t like it when I do that.  When we got home, Paul was already home having just finished eating lunch with the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency.  The 2nd Counselor had been kind enough to drive Paul all around that day (since we are still without our family car – the mechanic found 3 more parts that need to be replaced.  ARGH.)

I took an hour nap and then I was off to take El Gringo to his Mission Prep class with our Primary President who also needed to attend the Central America Area Plan Meeting with me.  It was a 2 hour meeting.  That was difficult to do.  The first 10 minutes were accidentally being translated into English (because of Belize) and I loved hearing the meeting in my own language.  Happily for everyone else, they figured out the issue and the meeting was changed to Spanish. 

After an easy “counter-top” dinner, we read our 6 columns in the Book of Mormon and went to bed.  It had been a LONG day!

I have to say that the highlight of the weekend, besides having my bedroom sliding glass door fixed and Paul helping me cook, was a moment that all of us were in the Kitchen together and the kids asked if they could listen to music and Joy Boy chose this song.

As we listened to the song, the kids started singing to it with all their hearts.  I realized that the kids wouldn’t sing this song like that unless they agreed with the words.  I actually could FEEL the Holy Ghost in THAT MOMENT testifying to me that the kids DO love their father and they are GRATEFUL to have him in their lives.  I can’t think of a better moment to have with our family.

Here are the words of the song:

“Not All Heroes Wear Capes”

He doesn’t fight crime or wear a cape
He doesn’t read minds or levitate
But every time my world needs saving, he’s my superman
Some folks don’t believe in heroes ’cause they haven’t met my dad  He loves his workshop and rock and roll
He’s got a hot rod and a heart of gold
And you could say he’s a man of few words, but he talks a lot within
And even though I’m a little taller, I still look up to himHe built me a house in the arms of a tree
He taught me to drive, and to fight, and to dream
When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see
That my dad’s a hero to me

Rust-ridden fenders, and doors full of dings
Somehow he can fix about anything
I didn’t think he knew how to cry till our dog died that year
He doesn’t always say I love you, but I can hear him loud and clear

He built me a house in the arms of a tree
He taught me to drive, and to fight, and to dream
When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see
That my dad’s a hero to me

He built me a house in the arms of a tree
He taught me to drive, and to fight, and to dream
When he looks in my eyes I hope he can see
That my dad’s a hero to me

My dad’s a hero to me
My dad’s a hero to me

I am grateful to be married to a man that my kids think is a hero.  I am grateful to have experienced hero moments with my husband, not only in the lives of my children but in my own life.  I love my husband and I am grateful for all he has helped me to become.  I am especially grateful to have had such a wonderful gift as this weekend was for me.

Thanks for listening,


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