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#69 – Throwback Thursday . . . Sickie Sickerson

We have had the sickies in our house this week.  What started out as a sinus cold in GingerSnap, graduated into pink eye for Curly Cook (with a tiny bit of croup).

Poor kiddo.  GingerSnap was sick only 3 days, but Curly Cook, she was sick almost an ENTIRE WEEK!  That is a LONG TIME for an 8 year old.


Her illness started Saturday night, after Family Fast Sunday Movie Night* (look below for a description).  During the movie Curly Cook spiked a pretty high fever ( 103.1 ).  So we rushed her off to a bath, hoping to bring her fever down, but it didn’t.  This concerned GingerSnap because 2 years ago this same thing happened to her while we were watching a movie as a family but it ended with GingerSnap needing an ambulance to come to her rescue.


I can’t believe these pictures were taken over 2 years ago.  They both have changed so much.


Thankfully, this time we weren’t at the steaming, hot beach in Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica.  And this time we knew from GingerSnap’s experience that fevers can be high and won’t cause immediate brain damage, sometimes they just take time to settle down.  In GingerSnap’s case, her fever was in the 104 – 105 range but like I said, we were at the steamy, hot beach.  So hot that the swimming pools were like hot tubs.  That’s hot!

Playa Bejuco 2015


So we reassured everyone that fevers happen, gave Curly Cook a Priesthood Blessing and braced ourselves for a long night.  But the fever didn’t go away; not for 3 days.  GingerSnap was a sweetheart and let Curly Cook use the bottom bunk.  Curly Cook was sure bored but she didn’t know how bored she could be until she got Pink Eye.  YUCK!



Here’s baby Curly Cook with Pink Eye at one years old.  Double YUCK!


In all our history with Pink Eye, El Gringo got the worst case I have ever seen.  His eyes were so bad that they ran like a runny nose.  I wondered how the drops would even stay in.  Somehow they did but his eyes burned like they were on fire.  Then to top it all off, pink eye is EXTREMELY contagious.  WONDERFUL!  Thankfully, I don’t remember anyone else getting it, but me!  But I am glad I did because El Gringo complained that the medicine was nasty and he could taste it.  Both Paul and I thought that was absurd, until I used the medicine and it too ran down my throat and made me not want to eat either.  I apologized to El Gringo.  Poor kid.



Now that Curly Cook had graduated to Pink Eye she was quarantined to her room.  Now, it wasn’t that bad.  She was waited on by Mom and GingerSnap, she just wasn’t allowed to be around the rest of the family due to many reasons: one being El Gringo’s ACT test that weekend, two being the Primary Program on Sunday and they REALLY NEED the two kiddos to help sing, and three being that Wendi had 2 cooking assignments for church that Saturday – so the kitchen needed to be germ free.


It was tough on Curly Cook.  She cried, she complained, she was a picky eater (pink eye does do something to your taste buds – I do remember that), and she was BORED.  But she made it through!


She woke up 6 days after getting this bug and sent me this photo with a text that said, “Mom.  My eyes are a little bit better.  SEE!”


I laughed.  And I was relieved.


She looked so much better.  I was still concerned about her energy levels because she ate like a picky bird all week (just like our 2 very picky birds we feed).  So she took it easy all day Friday.  She showered, got dressed in real “comfy” clothes, and went outside for some much needed fresh air.  She did play with the kids that afternoon and seems to be doing well this morning.  Phew!


What a week.  We started out thinking it would only take 3 days, like GingerSnap, but it took a week.  This is definitely a “little kid” cold.  Every one of my kiddos has gotten it, at least once in their lives.  I am grateful for modern day medicine that can clear up NASTY Pink Eye, and for knowledgeable parents who counsel and comfort that fevers are the way the body helps itself. 


But I am most grateful for Priesthood Blessings.  The moment Paul placed his hands on her head, a rush of peace enveloped me.  I knew it wouldn’t be a quick illness but I knew I could get Curly Cook through it.  It was a tough lesson for her to experience but one that I feel she did learn from because she sent us the sweetest text message:


Mom I do not want to get you and the family sick because this is bad so I want some food but I do not kowe [know]  want [what]  I won’t [want]  so can you  give me some food press  [please]  I am sorry I am messaging its gust [just]  not a good idea for me to go downstairs today at all I am so sick today I can’t hir [hear]  with my left ear today it has a funny sound like zzzz in it and it won’t go away mom so you do not want this it hurts tell [Joy Boy]  and [GingerSnap]  and [El Gringo]  and just think how bad it is  I love you with all of my heart and I will be better sone [soon]  just pray and with God he blesses you and hills [heals]  you and helps you so pleas [please]  pray for me and this is not about me it is also about you but your day is yours and Ming [mine]  is Ming [mine]  so pleas [please]  do your homework and things you need to do so you can be happy as and app [happy]  and as pretty as a person like you are and be smart like you are I love you and the hill [whole]  family I in throne  [?]  I am sick that dos not matr [matter]  I love my family and you mom and dad you are the best people I’ve ever had in my room live on my mind and you and my techers [teachers]  are the best . Shere [Share]  with the family wall [while]  dad is hir [here]  pleas [please].  

Love Alexia 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😍😍😘😘❤️💛💚💙💜


She is SUPER CUTE!  Bless her sweet heart.  Just as life seems to happen, the other kiddos wanted to be sick too because they thought being sick equaled watching shows all day.  That is SO NOT TRUE!  They didn’t remember the sleepless nights, the scratchy throat, the lack of desire to eat, the boredom, the fevers, the body aches, the “zzzz” sound in the ears, nor the “fear of death” reaction whenever you entered the room.  All they cared about was watching a show like Curly Cook gets to (which really was only a couple times a day, to break up her boredom).


But now she is all better and we are off to have a very BUSY, LONG day!  El Gringo is off to take his ACT Test, Curly Cook and Joy Boy have a Primary Program practice/ Fe en Dios Parent Pizza Party, Wendi is cooking pizza for the party and then helping the Relief Society Presidency cook and then give a dinner to the Relief Society sisters in our ward, Paul has a Christmas Party to attend of a co-worker and will be taking the 3 youngest to it, and then tonight Paul is surprising the kiddos and taking them to see “Russian Circus on Ice” at The National Stadium.  Deep Breath.  We can do it.  At least we can do something, right?


Thanks for listening,


* Family Fast Sunday Movie Night is something we do each month to help us while we fast.  In Costa Rica, lunch is the BIG MEAL of the day and since we used to feed the missionaries each Sunday after church, we needed to alter how we fast.  Thus, we fast dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.  We found that watching a GOOD MOVIE together as a family, helps us get our minds off of our stomachs and more easily off to bed for the night.  The kids LOVE it and look forward to it all month.   

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