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#78 – Piano Lessons Online . . . a limited offer

I normally don’t like to do this sort of thing, especially since this is a family blog about our current lives.  But this keeps coming to me, so I will do it now.


This is the music school that we have chosen for our children.  El Gringo has thoroughly enjoyed it and is now moving onto learning to play more difficult songs, like this one that was given to the youth of the church for 2018.


GingerSnap has enjoyed watching the videos and she feels it has helped her with her guitar playing.  She likes to tinker on the piano but the guitar is more her thing, yet the weekly videos has helped her learn her notes, tempo, rhythm and to enjoy learning to play music.


Joy Boy ADORES Mr. Hoffman and enjoys VERY MUCH learning from him.  El Gringo has been a significant example to him, encouraging him to try to play harder pieces of music.  I know that Mr. Hoffman’s lessons have made it possible for Joy Boy to sit down and learn this more difficult pieces.


And Curly Cook, she LOVES to watch the videos.  She isn’t as interested in the piano either BUT she does enjoy playing the songs she has been learning from Mr. Hoffman.  Curly Cook also loves to play the guitar and until Hoffman Academy offers guitar lessons (which is one of their goals) these weekly lessons are helping Curly Cook learn the same principles that GingerSnap is learning.


This program is FUN, built around young minds (easily bored with mundane tasks) and has a high energy level because the lessons are short and give you something to look forward to in each lesson.


And right now, they are having an end-of-year sale.  Their prices are as low as we have seen them, only $129 the first student and $89 each additional student this year.  And they have warned us that the prices are going up in January.  So we resigned the two youngest kiddos for the year.


I truly have enjoyed using Hoffman Academy with my family for the last 16 months.  We have all learned so much through this program.  So much so, we wanted to share this good news with you!  Don’t delay, this offer ends December 28, 2017.


**  By the way, if you are looking for a piano and don’t know if you should purchase a digital piano or an acoustic piano, here is a FANTASTIC and very thorough guide that is detailed, up to date and comprehensive on how to choose a digital piano – “10 Factors to Consider According to Science”. It is more than 7,000 words and packed with practical tips and advice. You can find it here:


Happy New Year!

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