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#80 – Throwback Thursday . . . Our Mountain Trip (Last Week)

Our Throwback Thursday won’t go too far back into the past, only into last week.  (wink)

A sweet Tica friend of mine, Irene, invited the kids and I to come to her beautiful cabin home in the mountains, just above Costa Rica’s famous Coronado City, with its grand cathedral.

Holiday traffic was at a low, so we made the journey in around an hour.  Not bad!  It usually takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

We drove up a man-made mountain road and arrived at the locked gates to my friend’s family’s land.

Cell service was gone, so I asked El Gringo and GingerSnap to see if they could find her.  Thankfully she had received my last text and came down, just in time to let us onto their property.

Her views of San Jose, Costa Rica were breathtaking.  On a clear day, you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Her home felt like a retreat from the world.  The children immediately began to play, while Irene and I did what we do best . . . talk.

GingerSnap jumped right on in and started to play “dress-up” with Irene’s two young daughters.

She made her little girl’s laugh with joy as she changed into several of their play clothes.

Joy Boy wanted to join in as well!

It made us miss all of the dress-up clothes we left behind in Utah.

Even El Gringo joined in the fun!

Irene’s littlest one had a ball with GingerSnap.

Then she was off to play with Curly Cook in her room.  Curly Cook was a big helper!

El Gringo played a really fun and challenging game with Irene’s oldest daughter.  She won!  You’re a great sport El Gringo!

While the children played, Irene made us a DELICIOUS chicken pasta dish for lunch.  It was SO YUMMY!

The children ate out on the porch, enjoying the gorgeous views, while we ate in the kitchen at her counter.  We had deep conversation, something that I miss doing but find challenging to do now, without much practice.  We were able to solve most of the world’s problems that day (or at least a few of our own struggles that most of the world shares).

The day had gone so lovely that Irene invited us to stay for mint tea and bread before making a fire outside.  The children cheered with joy!  As they waited for night to come, they watched “Frozen” and we continued to chat.  The most peaceful feeling came over the both of us, as we discussed our thoughts and feelings with each other.  I could feel the real unity and bond that can come only from communication.  I was deeply grateful that Irene learned to speak English, so we could share in THIS moment.

As the lights from the city below, creeped up the night’s sky, I knew it was time to be getting home.  Driving at night isn’t as easy for me as it once used to be, so I knew I better get us home sooner than later.  After a round of hugs and kisses good-bye, we made our way in reverse, down her mountain path.  I was so scared.  She had large ditches on the sides of her driveway, to help navigate the rain water down her mountain home.  I was afraid I would drive our only vehicle down into one of these ditches.

Thankfully, after MANY YEARS of backing up our many different sized boats into reservoirs, I felt a peace and reassurance that I COULD do this and that all would be okay.  The feeling was right.  We made it to her parent’s part of the property, turned our car around and drove forward down the path, all the way home.

This experience got me thinking.  Had I known I had to drive down her path backward, in the dark of night, would I have still gone to her home?  OF COURSE I would have!  But in THAT MOMENT, I was scared.

But . .  I was not alone.  El Gringo had his window down, reassuring me that I was not scratching the car up alongside her bushes on the right side of the car, and I had the blessing of having the ditch on my side of the car. I also knew that Irene could help, IF I needed her to help me.  And I also knew that cars are replaceable.  Yes, it will cost us money, time and other consequences but it was not life threatening.

I am also grateful that as soon as the moment was over, I didn’t think about it again.  Not until just now.  I believe this little experience is a good example of life.  Life is full of ups and downs, joyous moments, peaceful moments, and moments you don’t want to experience BUT, with faith and trust that your moments are right for you, you can navigate them and learn from them.

I’m deeply grateful to Irene for last Thursday.  It actually kicked off our holiday weekend and allowed me the time I needed to rest, relax and ponder what is most important in my life.  It was truly a Christmas gift to me.


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