Month: January 2018

#93 – Look Not Behind Thee

GingerSnap inspired me during Family Devotional yesterday morning.       And I REALLY needed it!   She showed THIS video and asked me to hold her iPad while the rest of the kids watched it.  As I listened to the video, I recognized it immediately, so I thought I didn’t need to pay attention. . . BUT it hit… Read more →

#91 – Simply Exhausted

I am simply exhausted. I don’t know what is happening?  ALL WEEK I have been trying to figure this out.  It has been difficult to put my finger on why I am so exhausted.  No matter how much sleep I get at night, I feel so sleepy all day.  I don’t know if it is allergies or a cold, stress… Read more →

#87 – CTR rings

I am SO COLD!!! Does that sound funny, coming from Costa Rica?  I have been told that our blood has thinned over the 3 years we have been here, because honestly, this is cold for us.  We have had strong winds blowing through Costa Rica this past month and they happen to be very cold winds for us.  So cold… Read more →