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#86 – New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica


I’m SUPER excited that it is 2018. 

I don’t know why but I do feel that MANY changes will occur this year that will not only be exciting but monumental.  I have ALWAYS loved the number 18, so it does make it special that it is 2018.  But what is MOST special is that this is the year that our oldest son turns 18, which is pretty huge for our family.  We are also hoping our house has a positive sell this year and that our family car situation will be positively resolved.  We are also hopeful that things at home will go a bit smoother this year, as well as at work and church (Paul is still not released as Bishop).


With A LOT of “waiting” in 2017, it sure was nice to do something fun on the LAST DAY of that year!


We invited a dear family over for dinner and to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us.  Paul made a yummy pot of Irish Stew, alongside our Berry Dream Salad and some baking powder biscuits.  GingerSnap also whipped up a yummy cake, topping it with leftover Texas Sheet Cake frosting and some crushed peppermint candy, and it was a hit (more so than our leftover Peppermint Dessert that I probably will never make again).


As the parents visited and shared some fun stories, the kiddos watched OLD Donald Duck and Goofy cartoons.  Then, as the night started to press in on us, we gathered the kiddos together to light a few fireworks.

It was pretty windy, so we didn’t think we should light as many of the fireworks that this sweet family brought with them.  We focused mainly on low to the ground fireworks, like . . .

Spinners.  Those were fun to watch fly into the air a bit and then go out fast, with the help of the wind.

Then each child was given a Roman Candle to light.  Joy Boy was the first to give it a try and HE LOVED IT!!!!  Who wouldn’t want to feel like Harry Potter on New Year’s Eve.

The kids had a BLAST lighting each of their Roman Candles while shouting out as many spells as they could remember.  I just kept thinking to myself, “We would NOT be able to do THIS in Utah on New Year’s Eve!!!  That’s for sure!  HOW COOL is this!!!”

The wind seemed to be dying down and after lighting a few aerial repeaters, (seriously, SUPER FUN!) the fathers decided that the finale could be shot off at our home. . . aerial rockets.

The kids didn’t know what to expect, nor did I, but they sure did not disappoint!

To hear them wizzing into the sky was surreal and then to have them explode into color was AMAZING JOY!  I was a little girl all over again, being amazed at things I had not yet known or understood.  I couldn’t stop smiling!

It was late and it was time to let our guests go home so they could bring in the New Year in their own home.  We all said good-bye, hoping to see them again before they move back to the United States next year.  Our family settled in for the last 50 minutes until midnight by starting a family movie, “Trolls.”  Paul passed out on our bed, just in time for me to wake him up so we could go outside and see the Heredia mountain range light up with fireworks.

  We brought in the New Year with sparkling cider and listened to the celebration of fireworks.  What a unique experience this has been for our family.  We honestly can’t remember any fireworks being lit in Utah for New Year’s Eve, especially aerial fireworks being lit in public backyards and streets.  It truly is a site to see!

After 15 minutes or so, Paul and I crashed into bed while the kiddos stayed up to finish their movie.  So much for them staying up ALL night.  At 2:30 a.m., I got up to check on them and they were all off to bed, television turned off and not a light on in the house.  What responsible children we have!  Maybe that is another sign that this year WILL be great!  


Happy 2018!!!


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