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#88 – A Mommy Payday

I think I got my husband’s cold.

I don’t know how many times I have got sick last year, it felt like too many, but to start off the year sick, I am hoping will take care of all sickness for 2018.


Here’s to hoping, right?



But then I wouldn’t have a reason to receive little gifts like this one, along with my breakfast in bed.



Sweet Joy Boy brought me this handmade card, after making me my breakfast of champions (orange juice with necessary ice, a banana, and Pop Tarts – everyone needs Pop Tarts when they are feeling sick.  Am I right?)



As I followed Joy Boy’s instructions,



I found a tiny wrapped note inside the flower.  It said . . .



What a sweetheart!


Getting sick in my house means you get TONS of rest, food brought to your bed AND sweet little get well soon notes.  Who wouldn’t want to be sick in my house?



Later that night, these two came walking into my room, their faces beaming.  El Gringo had been privileged to participate in being a baptizer for Baptisms for the Dead in the San Jose, Costa Rica Temple.  GingerSnap was his first participant.  She loved it!!



So did he!


This was another “mommy payday” for me. 

These two are 4 years apart, yet are so alike, despite the years that separate them.  That has been a real challenge for El Gringo, as well as his parents.  So seeing these two come together, FINALLY, and right before they start going to Seminary together (which has been a concern for GingerSnap since it is El Gringo’s last year and GingerSnap’s first year).  This is a dream come true for this mom.


Now, I don’t expect them to always like each other.


But I am hopeful that they will always love each other.


Thanks for listening,


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