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#94 – Paul was released as Bishop

Well, it finally happened.



Our Stake President stood up last Sunday morning (January 14th, 2018) and released Paul as the Bishop of the Belen ward in the Heredia, Costa Rica, Belen Stake.   I was immediately shocked but then an immense relief and comfort came upon me.  So much so I wasn’t really concerned who the next Bishop was.


But I snapped out of my shock just in time to hear the name announced and then it all came together for me.


This truly IS the Church of Jesus Christ in the latter-days.  This is His church, reorganized and utilized on this earth for a wise purpose.  And that purpose is to help ALL MEN come unto Christ.  I have seen His hand touch those of my husband’s, thus helping Paul to do ALL that has been required of him to do.  We will miss that touch that impacted our lives for good and pray that this touch will bless the lives of our new Bishop’s family too.



I am grateful that Paul has had so many unique opportunities to share love and light with others.


Especially with our youth . . .



which includes these too!



I’ll miss most the special feeling we had in the home while Paul was “out being Bishop.”  There really IS a difference in this calling and all the other callings Paul has already held.  When Paul was away, it still felt as if he were home with us.  I deeply appreciated how sweet and gentle the children were with me at night.  I honestly never had an issue with the kids when Paul was out serving as Bishop.  But as soon as he was called into the Stake Presidency, I could FEEL and then saw the difference.  I realized that “this feeling” was something that we were given as a gift, something that needed to be cherished and appreciated, not expected or mourned.



I already know that Paul will miss this calling too.  It was a special (almost) 9 months; months that we will cherish forever.  I am so grateful that he was given this opportunity and yes, even though most “couldn’t dream of being Bishop!” please open your minds to it.  This calling is special!!!!  So special that I call it “Flying with SuperMan!” 


Who wouldn’t want to help SuperMan go save lives?   Especially if he shared his super powers with you?  That was what being Bishop felt like for me.  No, Paul didn’t do the super hero work but he got to be a part of it, seeing how it is done and then he got to bear witness who the Super Hero really is . . . Our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It is AMAZING to see how Christ truly can touch lives, all lives, for good.  Especially my mine and my family’s.


Thanks for listening,


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