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#104 – Throwback Thursday . . . Family Songs

A few weeks ago I did something I haven’t done in YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I sang “Paul’s song” to him.


It isn’t anything fancy, its simple really, but it is something I came up with and would sing to Paul often, BEFORE we had children.  Once the children came I guess my singing days moved onto them.  Sad but true.  Thankfully one of our kids urged me to sing it and I did.  It is actually a terrible song, nothing that I would ever want to share publicly, but it came from the heart and when I sang it, I really felt that I was sharing my true feelings for Paul.


Music has POWER!  Real POWER!  More power than I think most of us give credit. 


Just today Curly Cook was asking if I would sing “Daddy’s Song” again to her.  Why???  Why would she ask this of me?  I’ll tell you why . . . she is missing her dad today.  He is on a trip and she is thinking about him.  She wanted to feel his love and her love for him, so she went to a happy memory to help her out with her desire.  I knew what she was asking, and also what she was needing, so I sang it to her.  As I did, a flood of emotion came over me . . . “I REALLY DO love my husband!!”  I care about him and the song caused me to reminisce the many other ways that I have shown the love I have for him, throughout our entire married lives.


While I was busy pondering my love for Paul, Curly Cook asked, “Did you use to sing this song to me too?”  “No,” I replied, “I used to sing you a different song.”  Her eyes lit up.  Her face showed that her heart was hoping to hear that song and her mind was wanting to desperately remember it, but she couldn’t.  So she looked at me gently and asked, “Will you sing it to me?”


I began to sing the song that I sang to ALL of my babies – all but Kayleigh.  Her song, “Families Can Be Together Forever,” was one that I sang to my babies to remind them of her, so I had to find a new song for my babies.


I still remember the day I chose this song, “I Often Go Walking”, to be my babies’ song.  My mother used to sing it to me, and I felt a tender and precious feeling that I wanted to pass on that SAME LOVE I felt from her to my own children.  But I changed the song to fit our family.  The first verse is the same but I changed the second verse . . .


I often go walking in meadows of clover,
And I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue.
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over;
Dear mother, all flowers remind me of you.
Now (insert child’s name that I am trying to rock to sleep or comfort), dear (child), I love you SO MUCH!!
You make me, so happy, please don’t you cry.
I love to kiss you, and hold you, and rock you.
(Child), dear (child), please don’t you cry.
I would sing this song over and over and add multiple verses, using whatever situation we were in to be in the song.  Maybe the child was angry, or sad, or hurt, or refusing to sleep?  I would sing to them my thoughts on the matter and somehow, they would calm down and do what was needed to be done.
See, music has POWER!!!!
Than, awhile back, I was thinking of this song and I was prompted to see if there was a second verse.  I had only ever heard the first verse, so I was surprised when I sang the second verse to myself.
(Original Second Verse)
O mother, I give you my love with each flower
To give forth sweet fragrance a whole lifetime through;
For if I love blossoms and meadows and walking,
I learn how to love them, dear mother, from you.


That last line, “For if I love blossoms and meadows and walking, I learn how to love them, dear mother, from you” hit me so profoundly.  MY MOTHER helped teach me how to be ALL the good parts of who I am.  I didn’t just come this way, I was molded, shaped, loved into being the person that I am and who I still want to become.  And my mother did it in so many simple ways: like preparing foods that I loved, singing to me songs from her heart that helped me feel the love she has for me, by serving me in MILLIONS of different ways, and comforting me/encouraging me to do the MILLIONS of things I NEVER thought I could do.


I am SO GRATEFUL to KNOW that MY MOTHER has blessed me and my life, AND the lives of my children, any Primary children I have worked with, nieces, nephews, strangers, neighbors, friends, family, and even my husband.  She has brought happiness and POWER to my life through MUSIC!!


The kids and I came across this song this morning, which prompted me to write this blog post.  I am grateful that MY MOM has also done her best to teach me that I am not a mistake. I am unique, beautiful, loaded with gifts and talents, and that I have a work to do upon this earth.



Thanks Mom!


And just for history’s sake, here are the specific songs that my own children loved me to sing to just them!


Curly Cook – “Heavenly Father Loves ‘Lubie'”

Joy Boy – “I Am a Child of God”

GingerSnap – “I Love to see the Temple”

El Gringo – “We’ll Bring the World His Truth”


Other Favorite Family Songs:


“I am like a Star Shining Brightly”  – bedtime snuggle song

“Love is Spoken Here” – bedtime snuggle song, they loved it when I would sing a lower voice for the Dad’s part

“As I have Loved You” (in sign language)

“Christmas Bells” – our family’s caroling song

“Family History – I am doing it!” –  what I would sing to them to get them to work on their FamilySearch on Sunday

“I Lived in Heaven” – always reminds me of Kayleigh (sung at her funeral)

“I am Trying to be like Jesus” – the song I was asked to sing in church, at 10 yrs. old – all by myself, and always reminds me of the courage one has to have to fight and grow their own testimony of Jesus Christ

“Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam” – an ALL TIME FAVORITE for when the kids needed some cheering up

“Oh, What do you do in the summertime?” – this was MY favorite song in Primary.  My Primary Chorister made this fun SO FUN to sing.  I love you Bonnie Jeppson!!!

“A Smile is like the Sunshine” – Our Family’s “Need to Get Along” Song


Well, that was a FUN trip down memory lane.  It was a TON of work but I hope one day that my children and I will look back and be grateful I spent time on this today.  Life is short.  It is painful and difficult and makes us want to quit (or disappear).  But this life is also TEMPORARY.  So instead of focusing on the negative, I want to strive to focus on the positive.


This song is MY FAVORITE pick me up reminder!  Enjoy!


Thanks for listening,


Here’s a little Spiritual Enlightenment.



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