Month: March 2018

#113 – Too Many Emotional M&M’s

I’m struggling to speak.     The last few weeks have been MORE THAN overwhelming and also beautifully inspiring and DEEPLY fulfilling.  So much so that I am struggling to put these experiences into word.  But for now, I feel a great desire to share where I have been turning for peace, comfort, solace, encouragement and inspiration, and here is… Read more →

#112 – Zucchini Ribbon Pasta with {light} Creamy Lemon-Basil Sauce

Last night was a lot of fun!     GingerSnap threw her first Baby Shower for our friend, our Bishop’s wife, Steph.  Steph also is the Secretary of GingerSnap’s Young Women’s group at church, so Steph really embraced letting GingerSnap do this and felt it would be a perfect Young Women’s Value Project.  In all honesty, GingerSnap didn’t look at… Read more →

#109 – In Process . . .

What does it mean to be patient?  Waiting on the Lord?               All of these quotes/memes popped up as I searched for what I felt the answer was.  And after finding all of these amazing words of inspiration and encouragement, it hit me . . .      Will I look back on this waiting period as… Read more →