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#110 – Our First “New Stake” Activity

Last Saturday our new Stake had a Stake Activity at the Ojo de Agua ward building.



The activity started ON TIME!!!  I was SO IMPRESSED!  It also went from 2 pm to 9 pm.



As a new Stake, we are trying to help the 6 different wards/branches feel unified.  I feel that this activity was a great first leap towards this beautiful goal.



President Briceno, our Stake counselor over the Primary, asked the Primary to plan a few games for the children to play but they weren’t needed.  The Stake hired a child-friendly entertainer/clown to come help us have some fun and enjoy ourselves.  Joy Boy was more than happy to participate . . .



even if he didn’t actually receive a “prize” for winning.  The real prize was spending time together as a family with other members of our Stake, enjoying some good times together.


GingerSnap with her AMAZING Stake YW President, Jenny.


After the entertainer was through, Paul and I grabbed our family jump rope and started turning the rope for people to join in some fun.  The Stake loved it, adults included.  Paul and I turned the rope until our shoulders and backs started to ache.  Thankfully other people volunteered to take a turn, so the jump roping lasted late into the night.



After a break for dinner, the dance started, as well as a friendly game of tag for the youth.  What I LOVE about Latins is that they LOVE to dance and they are fearless when it comes to moving to the beat.  I too LOVE to dance but back in Utah, I would always feel ashamed at how I danced because of the way my body might look while having fun.  NOT HERE!  People are ALL shapes and sizes, ages and experience levels, so they don’t care.  They just get out there and dance because IT MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD!


So I did it too!!


(video here)


The kids had a BLAST and we all left feeling very satisfied.  What a fantastic gift and blessing this activity turned out to be!  The kids came home feeling sore and exhausted.  We woke up the next morning feeling even more sore and exhausted but we had a GREAT Sunday because the feeling of togetherness and unity was in the air.



After church, I had a meeting with the Stake Relief Society, Stake Young Women’s and Stake Primary Presidencies to see if we could plan another Stake Activity for the women of our new Stake, 8 years and older.  I was deeply touched by the level of sincere humility each of these women displayed throughout the meeting, as well as their charitable desire to do what the Lord would have them do to help others.  What a FABULOUS end to a FANTASTIC weekend!


I am learning more and more the great blessing it is to be a part of the Lord’s church.  Yes, it IS time consuming.  Yes, it does require sacrifices and obedience, and many times great humility.  And yes, it does seem strange to the “normal world” how we live our daily lives but I am beginning to see the great fruits that can come if one DOES CHOOSE to live this peculiar life style.  It not only helps us to forget our woes and troubles and the agency of man, but it helps us to not feel so alone in this world loaded with people.


How can one feel so alone with so many around them?  


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been a great blessing for me to not feel so lonely or let fear so easily control me.  I hope you will try this out for yourself too.  No, it isn’t easy or perfect, but it is truly enough!


Thanks for listening,



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  • Allison Owen

    This sounds amazing! I can’t even imagine a 7 hour activity around here but it would be so much fun! One of my really good friends is from Columbia and she LOVES to dance to salsa music! She actually just did a solo dance for a ward adult party! It was so fun to see her move! I’m sad the video of you dancing didn’t work!!! I’m glad you all had a good time!

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