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#118 – Bad Habits

I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember. It has always been a satisfying way to relieve stress, panic, anxiety, frustration, anger and even overwhelming feelings of happiness. There was nothing more satisfying then cutting a nail perfectly with my teeth and then playing with it in my mouth.

Now, saying these things makes me sick to my stomach. Last October (2017), Paul issued a challenge to Joy Boy and I to stop biting our nails. Paul happened to also be our Bishop at the time. I loved Paul as our Bishop because I felt I had been blessed to be especially tuned in to supporting Paul.

So when he issued the challenge, a feeling of love and respect washed over me that I should obey the request and give this challenge my best.

And I did.

Yes, I had a few set backs because of “why” I bite my nails but when I did bite them, I would take time to recognize why I did it, how I was feeling, what I was reacting to and if biting my nails helped me or not?

Usually I found that biting my nails only brought more pain because I noticed that my nail beds would swell up and become red, and tender to the touch. I would also get nasty hangnails and skin that peeled around my nail beds. Ouch!

The challenge ended January 1st without me winning it but I felt victorious because out of obedience to my husband I was blessed to see that nail biting wasn’t helping me. I did it again just a few weeks ago and oh boy did my fingers ache.

I’m so very thankful for these teaching lessons that help me learn to stop bad habits and instead strive to turn to good habits that do help, like: gratitude, patience, forgiveness, and prayers for comfort and support.

Thanks for listening,

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