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#214 – Happy Birthday to My Sister, Ashley


This is a photo of my adorable sister Ashley when she was probably 3 or 4 years old.  She had the curliest, blondest hair with the cutest button nose and chubby cheeks.  She passed away almost 23 years ago when she was 13.  She was far prettier than I ever was and I always knew she would probably be much more talented than I would be.  Now that I am raising my own little girls, I see so much of Ashley in them.



From Curly Cook’s adorable curly hair and spunky “I can do it myself” personality . . .



to GingerSnap’s natural beauty mixed with a “You can’t make me do it” attitude.


GingerSnap actually reminds me the most of Ashley (I am sure my mother would also agree).  On one hand GingerSnap worried me that we wouldn’t get along, since I really struggled liking my little sister.  But now that I have had the opportunity to get to know GingerSnap better, as well as be served by her loving and generous heart, it makes me sad to think what I am missing out on by not having Ashley in my life.



If Ashley is anything like my two daughters, I am know that I am definitely missing out on having her here with me.  There are days that I actually find myself wondering what Ashley would be like right now.  Would she be married?  Would she have children of her own to raise?   Would she be the whole package: smart, talented, creative, a seeker of beauty, hardworking and loving?


I actually think she would be, and so much more.  But I don’t mind these thoughts when they come because they motivate me to look forward to the future, to a time when I will be able to get to know the real Ashley and hopefully create those precious moments that I have longed for.


I love you Ashley Anne!  Happy 36th Birthday! 

I LOVED being 36 years old.  I hope you do too.


All my love,


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