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#216 – Blendtec

We got a new toy at our home . . . 

a Blentec Blender!



This thing is AMAZING!

(It better be for how much they cost.)



Our family needed something, have you ever had this happen to you too?  I’m just grateful that our entire family can enjoy this new toy together.  So much so that in only a few weeks we have already hit 103 blends (now half of those are for cleaning the pitcher but still, that is 51 blends!!!)


But I have a story you to tell about this new, fan-dangled, AMAZING machine.



This machine has power.  I mean REAL POWER.  So much so that when a certain older man in our family used this blender to make a simple watermelon smoothie, said blender took it to the max and the pressure EXPLODED the smaller pitcher filled with pink, sticky, ice cold, watermelon/aloe vera/cranberry juice.



Juice went EVERYWHERE!!!!


It sprayed all over this older man, all over the counters, the floors all around the man (except where his body protected the juice from spraying behind him) . . . and ALL OVER the CREAM colored curtain hanging over the sink.  I was in shock that this happened but didn’t want to laugh, in case this older man might think I was making fun of him.  Instead I calmly picked up a towel and started to help the user of the blender be able to even move away from the explosion site he just created.  He had already showered and was dressed in a white shirt and dress slacks for work, so he needed to go upstairs and change his clothes.  While he was gone, I cleaned up the ENTIRE mess.  (applause please!)


When he came back downstairs he helped me take down the cream colored curtain.  Sadly, the curtain had sewn in inserts to help the curtain pull up and down, so I wasn’t able to just throw it into the wash.  I really didn’t want to go get it dry cleaned, so we tried taking it outside and spraying it off with the hose.  No luck.  The stains were quickly setting in (cranberry juice is powerful!).


Sadly, the curtain had not been drawn yet that morning, so there were spots ALL OVER the curtain. I did have some Oxi-clean spray on hand, so I just decided to spray the spots and let them sit for awhile.  I left the curtain outside in the sun to drip dry and left for the temple.  I was gone for a few hours and when I came home, I took the curtain up to my shower.  I sprayed it down with cold water and was completely surprised to see that the spots had either bleached out with the heat of the sun or the spray had worked.  I was shocked.  But BOY OH BOY did dirt come off that curtain and filled the bottom of the shower floor.  YUCK!  I was SUPER happy that the explosion gave me a reason to wash out this curtain.  We let it dry over night and the next morning all was back to normal again.


Until this week.  It was my turn this time.  I had seen the older man wash out the blender and use the “clean cycle” and I had thought I saw him purposefully fill up the pitcher with more water than I would normally use.  So I did that, also adding a bit more soap than I realized, I TOO EXPLODED the pitcher and soapy water sprayed me and the kitchen area.  GingerSnap had warned me that I had used too much water but I trusted what I thought I had seen done before . . . but I was wrong.




Thankfully this time the curtain was pulled up the ENTIRE way, so not one drop got it.  But a good, soapy cleaning of the cabinets and flour bucket isn’t terrible.  (Yep, the bucket was out and right next to the blender, so I lost all of the flour I had just added to the bucket – sad face).  But there is a silver lining to all of this because I didn’t “loose it.”  I actually laughed at myself in the moment and GingerSnap had a BLAST watching it all happen because SHE KNEW what was going to happen and when it did, it was as if it was all happening in slow motion.  She loved EVERY moment of it. . . especially watching me clean the mess up, while being soaking wet myself.



Isn’t that just life.  We get something new or add something new to our lives yet we MUST take the good with the bad.   But life sure is sweet having this new toy.  My youngest made herself a “frozen” (that is what Costa Rica calls a Slurpee).  She sure does love making them and I sure do love that she can make them with ingredients I prefer (juice rather than soda pop).  I also love that she can have something I enjoyed as a child.  For a yummy Slurpee sure does know how to turn a frown upside down.  Right Grandpa Wardle!


Thanks for listening,




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  • Allison Owen

    I am coveting your Blendtec as I chuckle at this post! I’ve wanted one for years! Now when I do get one I’ll know to be careful! 😉

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