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#219 – Performing in the Choir

3 of my kiddos performed in a choir recently.

(Sadly you can’t see El Gringo playing the piano . . .  but he was!  Look to the far left, you can see the piano.)



To the front right of this picture is GingerSnap, and her golden, sun colored hair, watching her 3 siblings be super brave.



This Stake Primary Choir assignment came with: 5 Sunday practices, new friends made, new talents further mastered, and butterflies to conquer.  Joy Boy struggled with an issue but finally decided that serving was more important than some upset feelings.  I was SUPER proud of him, and Curly Cook was relieved because she needed her big brother to sing with her.


The kiddos sang:

“Yo trato de ser como Cristo”

“Amad a Otros”

“El Plan de Dios Puedo Seguir”


I was especially proud of El Gringo for not only playing in public as an accompanist, something he has never been trained to know how to do, but for accepting this assignment in front of hundreds of people.



Sadly, our kiddos missed the group picture because we needed to get home right after Stake Conference to help prepare lunch for several people.  But I am SUPER grateful to my new sweet friend, someone I also met because I supported this choir assignment, because she took photos of all the kiddos singing so my kids could be included in this memorable day.  Here’s to conquering fears, saying yes to assignments, and to trying something new!  I love you kiddos!  Well done!!!


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