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#226 – Simple Beauty

Today was a great day!

After a good family scrubbing of the daily living space of our home, think kitchen/dining room/living room spaces, we set out to complete our second-to-last day of homeschooling this year.

It has been a rough last month, to say the least!

Monday, I unexpectedly spent the day revamping our homeschool calendar for next year. I’m going to give the “6 weeks on, one week off” schedule a go. I am hoping it will help the over-done-it blues not come around so much next year.

In the meantime, Joy Boy and I worked on a bit of re-do homework he has due before we FINALLY take a much needed summer break. I thought it would help if we did it together.

Our goal was to make this pastel art, “Pewter dish with Pear.” It was much more challenging to do than I thought it would be.

First we had to measure out and then tape off our project. Next we needed to sketch it out just so. Joy Boy was a huge help getting the right sized bowl and lid needed to make this a bit easier on us to draw our two circles.

Joy Boy also helped me to stay on my toes and pointed out that I needed to add “the shadows.” I kind of freaked out inside when he told me this, but I did as I was told. He was a great example and leader for me to follow! ☺️

Next came out first taste of adding some color. I actually thoroughly enjoyed blending the colors together, making it look just right!!!

Then came the shading. I again panicked for a moment but then I just gave it my best shot!

I think it turned out pretty sweet for my first attempt.

And I am SUPER proud of Joy Boy! I am also truly grateful to Jenny Phillips and her AMAZING homeschool curriculum. We have been richly blessed to even know of it, and still use it after 3 years!!! Here’s to many, many more years to come !!!

And here’s to the near end of year 3 of homeschooling. Can you believe it Cherie? I truly still stand all amazed!!

Thanks for listening,

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