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#227 – A Perfect Brightness of Hope

Today is a special day! It marks the end of our 3rd year of Homeschooling. We call it “Planner Day!” It is the day we celebrate that our Homeschool planner is all filled out and ready to be shut for good. Today we will have a Family Devotional, just like on all the other days of school, but today we will re-read the Father’s Blessings the kiddos and I received at the beginning of the school year. We will also take 5 minutes to write down any feelings we have about what we have learned this year and how we have grown or overcome in as many ways as we can think of. And we will read Doctrine and Covenants 109 and share the Spirit that is felt in that section. Then we will celebrate the year by going out to lunch together and then painting a Homeschool plate together. This will be El Gringo’s last plate with us. This is a happy and sad moment, all wrapped up into one. I’m very proud of this young man of mine. He even started his mission papers this week. What perfect symbology and timing. My heart is filled with gratitude and joy that these experiences have even been given to us at all. We have learned and grown, suffered and cried, but through it all we have found ourselves and where Home truly is! It is in us!!!

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