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#231 – Potty Jokes

Yes, potty jokes.

They happen in the best of families and usually they are quite annoying or just plain gross. But sometimes they are actually quite funny.

That’s what happened with this little monkey when she got a GRAND idea to write a message to her sister, that she shares a bathroom with, that she needed to . . .

She used a dry erase marker and it had washed off of her brother’s toilet seat (thank heavens), so she thought it would easily wipe off of her seat too. Sadly, it did not.

The two kids were SO SCARED 😱 to tell me what she had done, they were almost shaking. They gingerly led me to the girl’s bathroom and begged me not to get mad.

When I saw the toilet seat, and saw the adorable spelling of the words, I burst out laughing. I had a great chuckle for a few minutes, until tears came. Curly Cook laughed a bit too but waited to hear her consequence.

She is now the owner of her own toilet seat ($28 – not cheap)! Bless her heart. Thankful all’s well that ends well. . .


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