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#232 – Goal Completed!!

Well, I actually FINALLY did it!

Yes, this is our family. Fun picture, huh!


I fulfilled my goal that I set earlier this year. I wrote about it in this blog post. I honestly thought it wouldn’t take me this long to accomplish, but 75 talks is actually quite a lot.

But taking in one talk a day really is just 16 minutes. Do I really struggle sharing 16 minutes of my day to listen to a Prophet of God?

Although I did slack off the last two months (summer vacation was real) and only listened to one talk a week, or maybe two, I still had many profound moments that came just when I needed them.

Especially while deciding on taking our newest adventure . . .

To supporting and preparing to let this guy go!

It has been a truly sacred opportunity to have this blessing in my life. Now onto taking our Prophet’s recent advice and re-listening to all of the recent General Conference talks. I hope to get back to one talk a day, especially now that Homeschool has started up again (we started this last Monday – July 31, 2018). Year 4 baby!!

I must admit though, I am going to miss hearing our Prophet’s sweet voice. Thankfully I have felt prompted, and received a unanimous vote from the kids, to listen to 2 talks from President Nelson a week. It will take us the ENTIRE school year to complete this goal but I’m up for the challenge.

The best part is we are going to listen to one talk on Thursday and then the other talk on Sunday. I LOVE that we are adding listening to our Prophet’s voice to our Sabbath Day. Part of me wished we had started this sooner, but now is better than never!

Thank for listening,

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