Month: January 2019

Home from SOY

Well, she made it back home, safe but not quiet sound. She is covered in mosquito bites and dehydrated, but she had a BLAST!! While I forced her to drink her dehydration drink, I got to listen to all her stories from SOY. I’m sure she only scratched the surface, so I look forward to her blogging more about it.… Read more →

“Sunrise, Sunset”

Tuesday evening, as I was rushing out the door to go on a Stake Primary visit, Paul walked by our bedroom window and saw THIS . . . The sunrises and sunsets in Costa Rica are truly breathtaking. Paul saw this and said to himself, “I must take a picture. Wendi would want me to!” Isn’t that sweet? I thought… Read more →

My Owl City Loving Child

It first started with El Gringo, he LOVED listening to Owl City in Junior High. He even choreographed a touching dance to “On The Wing”. Sadly he wouldn’t let me record it but I can say that it made me cry it was so well done. His choreography, combined with the music, made me feel so much emotion and tenderness.… Read more →


Some days, kids just need to be kids. Joy Boy and Curly Cook asked if they could use our hammock. I said they probably shouldn’t because it is their Dad’s and we need to ask him about it. So they made their own hammocks with their own blankets. Smart kids! Read more →

Feeding the Missionaries

Many years ago, Paul blessed our family with accepting the invitation to welcome the missionaries into our home. Elder Smith and Elder Clough were our “first missionaries”. We loved having them in our home and they helped us to prepare for what was coming next in our lives! Feeding the missionaries often! We have LOVED getting to know these amazing… Read more →