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New Goal, New Desire, and Sleepovers on the Trampoline

I need a new goal.

I just finished reading the Book of Mormon in under 11 weeks. To keep up with this goal, some days I would have to read up to an hour. That was tough but it taught me what endurance and commitment really means. With the goal now completed, I am looking for a new goal, but not just any goal. I need a goal that will stretch me, challenge me, but also be a wise use of my time; not just for me but for my family too!

So I’ve decided to share at least one picture on the blog, each day this year! I feel that this challenge will bring forth several blessings: one will be for my posterity to see what life was like for us “back then”, another will be for my children to be able to remember what life experiences they had this year, and lastly . . . Elder Whitchurch can get a quick and constant update on our lives (and maybe his too) while he is serving a mission for 2 years.

I am grateful for the desire to do this and actually get it started. I haven’t consistently blogged for many months. I have my reasons for why I haven’t blogged, but I have struggled to find reasons to get back into it. Until now. Thankfully my last goal has given me a desire for this new goal! So here we go!!!

Sleepovers on the trampoline . . .

The 3 kiddos have enjoyed sleeping on the trampoline twice this holiday break from homeschool and regular routines. They were even brave enough to fall asleep on it without Paul and I at home (we were on a temple date night, then dinner at Cocooning, to celebrate Paul’s last day at work and for me to celebrate new changes being made to help in my temple attendance).

Last night the kiddos slept on the trampoline after our first night learning from the new “Come, Follow Me” Sunday School curriculum, while also: introducing our “Be a Bucket Filler” Challenge, eating a yummy dinner together as a family, and watching Joy Boy light fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Argentina (we miss you Elder Whitchurch).

The kids were set up in style on the trampoline with TONS of: comfy, cozy blankets; pillows to prop up their heads; and treats (Skor bars with bowls of their dad’s buttery, salty popcorn), while they watched movies until 3 am (Joy Boy was the only one to make it thru both movies).

We took a brief 15 minute pause in our movie watching, to toast in the new year with sparkling grape juice while watching fireworks ignite all over the San Jose valley. Each year in Costa Rica, truly has brought us quite the spectacle to see! And what a view from where we live now. I can’t think of a more grand way to ring in the new year!



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