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Saturday is a Special Day!

Today was a busy, but a good day.

Paul played Indiana Jones and took the JAS (The Young Single Adults) of our Stake on a hike. The same hike that our family took early last month.

Except this time the waterfalls weren’t as spectacular. But he said it was still a nice experience. He walked over 6 miles! Way to go Paul!

While Paul was away for the day, the kids and I had company over to our house. Four women from my branch, and their children, came to learn how to make sugar cookies.

We had a lot of fun making the dough and then cutting out trays and trays of cookies. Next came decorating them.

I think this is where everyone’s creativity came out in splendor.

One of my new friends, Stefanie, even made her own cookie cutter and created emoji’s. Then her mother decorated them. They made a great team.

My kids even jumped in and decorated some. This was GingerSnap’s cookie creation. She is so talented!

And now it is especially nice to have frosted sugar cookies to look forward to, after lunch tomorrow with the Elders. Yum!

Happy Saturday,

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