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Tough Day Made Better . . .

Today was a tough day for me. It was actually a tough week last week, and I don’t want it creeping into this week. Thankfully I have had a little help from my friends and family.

I got a good morning text from my dear friend. I saw it right when I needed it most!

Then GingerSnap told me that yesterday, another dear friend of mine went out of her way to pick GingerSnap up from Seminary and take her to her dad, even though none of her kids attended Seminary that day. I was SO TOUCHED that she would do that for me! I REALLY needed to stay home yesterday. What a gift this was for me! Thank you Sheila!

Then I got some love from this Joy Boy of mine! He wrote me a tender note yesterday, seeing that I wasn’t feeling like myself. Then today, he came shopping with me; something I don’t love doing. He was such a great sport, I treated him to a double ice cream cone (something he LOVES!). Which made me feel happy!

And then GingerSnap’s excellent attitude while helping me prepare for Family Home Evening at the Guido’s house tonight was stellar!!! She did a superb job frosting the cookies we were to bring, and then she played with the 3 little girls that were there. Way to go GingerSnap! The greatest gift you can give your mom is for you to serve others! 🎉🎉🎉

And after a tough day, it was a great blessing to be served so lovingly by Sister Vicki Guido and her husband, Jose. They planned everything tonight, down to serving us dinner. It was just what this Mamma Bear needed.

Now I’m off to bed! Hopefully some of this stress, frustration, and discontent will evaporate while I sleep and not be around tomorrow!

I don’t know why life does this to us sometimes, but I’m deeply grateful to know that I’m not walking this path alone. I am loved by the source from whence all love springs. I saw today how my Heavenly Father is loving me through this. I am loved and THAT is something to turn a frown upside down.

Happy Monday,

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  • Allison Owen

    Those cookies are adorable! Good job Ginger Snap! I’m sorry you had a rough week! I hope this week is much better! ❤️

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