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Why don’t you blog anymore?

I found this quote online . . .

After reading it, I immediately had a rush of gratitude for my blog. This quote confirmed to me that restarting my blog was a wise decision, and I was grateful that I had acted on the prompting to start it up again.

Then, while searching for my lost post on Sunday, I found this “draft” of a post that I wrote sometime last October or November but never posted it. I had wanted to start up my blog again, but I just didn’t have the boost that I needed to really take that leap.

Thankfully I did find the faith to take that leap after completing President Nelson’s “Book of Mormon Reading Challenge” for all the women of our church. Now I would like to share that post today!

My kids asked me this question yesterday, “Why don’t you blog anymore Mom?” My answer was a bit defensive and I said, “Because the person I blogged for now talks to me over WhatsApp.”

The look of shock and hurt that was on my oldest daughter’s face shocked me. Her face said, “But what about us? We’re the ones you were supposed to be blogging for.”

I paused, as if time stood still, allowing myself to REALLY listen to what her face was telling me. It hit me. She’s RIGHT! Where did I loose the desire and passion to blog? And what must I do to get it back?

So I pondered this truth and I came up with a few reasons WHY I should keep blogging, as well as a few things I need to avoid doing in order to keep the desire to blog.

I need to blog so I can. . .

• Share Family History with my posterity. I don’t know that they will really read it, but regardless, I am being prompted to do this, SO I SHOULD!

• Help my kids learn from our trials. They might not even know we were/are going through trials or maybe they deserve to see the trial from my perspective. How else could they be given this gift, unless I blog about it. (Wisely choosing words through the Holy Ghost is my goal)

• I need to count my blessings and help train my mind and heart to PURPOSEFULLY look for the good and the beautiful coming from God in my life, rather than the junk food of trials and opposition that I cannot control.

• Lastly, our stories bless others and who those “others” are, I can’t control. But I KNOW that God leads people to where they need to be. And if that is a random blog post of mine, then I better create that post so He has something to lead people to.

What I need to avoid . . .

• Numbering my blog posts and seeking attention. Who cares how many posts I have made. Who cares how long I have done this. Who cares what people think of my blog. If it helps, great! If it doesn’t, then keep searching for a blog that does. Integrity and virtuous writing are my goal. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. You don’t have to agree. ☺️

• Don’t be so afraid to share the good and the bad. It is REALITY and I can’t change it! I can only live it to the best that my gifts and abilities allow me.

• Worrying I have said too much or not enough. I need to follow my favorite bloggers example (nieniedialogues) and just follow my heart!

So, THANK YOU GingerSnap for helping me see a treasure that I have been given and to pick it up and use it once again. It won’t be easy, especially with El Gringo getting ready to leave our home for a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I’m nervous what the future holds, but if I don’t allow myself to partake in the resources I have been given, how can I expect to make it through the future well?

Trust is a difficult principle to learn. But why wait any longer. So here’s to starting up blogging again. Prayers are welcome.

Now that I have been blogging for over a month, I have to say that I do LOVE it and it is helping/blessing my life. I am also delighted that I am actually following the perimeters that I developed in this old blog post, because they are working!

Here’s to following promptings and trying old things once again, but making them new! 😉

Happy Tuesday,

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